January 22 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

In one respect the personality of the January 22 Aquarius might be compared to that of an unexpected thunderstorm, first the still heavy air then the storm itself to be followed by a great release of pent up tension and the clean fresh clear air that follows on afterward.

As a further example, you are likely to be one who tends to frequently bring events and matters to a dramatic head and that, in your doing so, the effect is that it literally clears the air.

The January 22 endeavors to achieve a balance between both their personal orientation to life and the necessity to work within a group context.

While it is essential for you as a January 22 to emotionally establish firm. successful friendships and relation ships with your co-workers, there are times when you are torn by the feeling that your own personal individuality may be lost in the event that you do not forcefully stand up for yourself.

It is necessary; whatever the social pressures that may be surrounding you, that you develop a sense of inner security in your actions and activities that cannot be destroyed. You should utilize your instinct and your heart in order to recognize the real worth and value of others, and at the same time try not to let insecurity or ego influence or get into the pathway of truth.

While you might have began life conservatively you will over time begin to explore your own eccentricities so, take confidence that if you proceed to go in your own way then you will find satisfaction and fulfillment.

The fixed star Altair is sited in the constellation Aquila. It is the brightest star in that constellation and located in relation to Aquarius. In the distant past the ancients related the connection of this star to the attribute of that of boldness of action.

To stimulate your imagination and taste buds try some exotic foods, they can also help to keep your system both flexible and in tune. As example, the food dishes of Chinese, Indian, Caribbean and South American will appeal to and excite your tastes.

To help attract the influences of good luck try carrying a piece of amethyst about you. This can be in the form of a pendant jewellery piece or even just a raw piece of such material. A piece of uncut lapis lazuli can also be a lucky charm for you to carry about with you.

On the home front, a property sited by the edge of a warm and fairly gentle stretch of ocean would be ideal for those of the January 22 birth date. A beach cabin would be particularly pleasing for your personality. Irrespective of whether it is a somewhat simple affair or a more extravagant form of home you should look to a construction that incorporates an angular square style and, the squarer the better.

Look to fashion your physical home space with as much humor and fancy, as you desire. The January 22 is one who likes to own and be surrounded by unique, unusual one-of-a-kind type objects. As example, these are likely to be in the form of, unusual glassware, sculpture pieces or even an unusual ceiling effect such as inset starlight lighting.

In the outdoor scenario, with January 22 inherent appreciation of water, and in particular the sea, you are very prone and, more so if you donít actually live near the sea, to collect unusual and interesting shaped mementos that will remind you of that environment. As example, seashells, interesting drift wood pieces, stones, photographs and other picture images.

In your garden arena you might take pleasure in the construction of some unusual outdoors furniture of different sculptured shapes and to position these within a planned sculptured effect garden are or yard space.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 4

The twenty-second day of the first month reduces to five and the number five relates to the unpredictable, to change, uncertainty, and transition.

You love the unexpected but dislike control and the fact that what can be predicted can also be controlled.

Sit in the dark and experience the massive power of a thunderstorm followed by the cleansing and clarity of the atmosphere afterwards. Try horseback riding out in the country.

The twenty-second day of the year reduces to four and the number four adds a reassuring sense of stability and permanence to the all-encompassing changes in your life.