January 21 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

The January 21 Aquarius birth date indicates a person who is highly communicative with others and one who will certainly gain great enjoyment in being surrounded by their friends.

You are also very much an individual in your own right, and as such, one who does not take lightly to becoming restricted in any way by the established codes of personal behavior.

As a January 21 you take particular pleasure in discussing life and, the creative possibilities that can come to be when people work together in order to accomplish and solidify their mutual goals, ideas and interests.

With your inherent sound abilities in the areas of social organization and planning, you find it very easy to identify the common thread that enables a group of people to unite together for shared occasions and events.

You should take some caution however, because you are capable of incurring conflict with others and, very much so when you insist that your ideas and concepts on the way things should be done, are the only way.

An excellent image that represents the January 21 birth date is that of a “shepherds Crook” being an item with which on the one side you exercise your authority, and on the other you can do so in a non-aggressive gentle manner.

A particular and worthwhile personal goal for the January 21 is to learn how to be flexible, but to do so without incurring within yourself any feeling that your personal will is in any way becoming to compromised.

The fixed star Albireo that is sited within the constellation of the Swan can provide influence in respect of some of the earlier Aquarian birth dates and, in time long past, the ancients were of the belief that this was to be a position of beauty and a lovable disposition.

The talents of designing, exploration, the arts and executive ability all form a potential part of the January 21 birth date character.

The gemstones of amethyst, aquamarine and rose quartz tend to relate to the January 21 temperament so consider wearing some jewellery that incorporates such stones.  As example, amethyst and rose quartz when set in white gold will help to strengthen your sensitivity. Alternatively, you might like to consider carrying a piece of such material in raw mineral form around with you.

On the wardrobe front, designer clothing is certainly your forte but endeavor to add your own sense of individuality of flair. You might achieve this for example by utilizing some accessories in the form of a brilliantly colored scarf or a unique design colored belt.

You might like to wear sparkling pale colors around the house, where you do then consider colors that are mixed together in order to present a shining rainbow effect rather than just in a block of colors. For those of the male persuasion an appropriately colored tie, handkerchief or even a scarf should do the job.

On the home front, the January 21 is more likely to favor a modern type of home but with some strong classical touches in keeping with your character. You are by nature a stickler for cleanliness, so consider aiming for clean straight lines with the minimal of color within your home decorating.

On the outdoors front, the January 21 has a strong connection to the land of his/her birth and, should you live far away from the land of your birth it is likely that you will want to grow and maintain some of the flowers, trees, or other plant reminders of your native soil. Winter heather and blue hydrangeas are two flowers that the January 21 will enjoy no matter where you are.

Your special magic numbers are:  4 and 3.

The twenty-first day of the first month reduces to four and the number four is a number of solidity and stability.

A square or cube symbolizes strength and a firm foundation, a cornerstone for example. This is a path of becoming able to under stand the principle of support. What is everlasting? Enduring friend ships, breadth of vision, universal orientation, depth of character.

The twenty-first day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the principle of natural development to the orderly expression of your life.

Admire and collect antiques; Visit ancient monuments and listen to the wind blowing through branches of ancient tall trees. Take a quiet walk through the grounds of a churchyard; read the headstones in the cemetery. Enjoy a sip of vintage port from an old oak cask.