January 18 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

Your birth date of January 18 Capricorn carries within it the very important quality of  amalgamation of talents and resources.

This quality indicates that those of this birth date are crammed with a number of talents and resources and that they have a high potential for further ongoing creative possibilities.

The January 18 is capable of taking up both the leadership, and of overseeing the needs of those around them.

This means that as a January 18 you have the ability to recognize and identify a diversity of needs, are able to assess their solutions,  and then have the ability in order to utilize and apply the resources to the benefit and common good within a group or activity.

Those people who were born on this day often seem to be able to effortlessly negotiate the trials and tribulations of life and appear to do so without even having raised eyebrow or resorted to use of an angry word.

As a January 18 your accomplishment of an advanced degree of achievement will require that you build up your own table for success.

Where you might tend to settle for the status quo in life then you will suffer the feelings that your real potential is not being realized.

As a January 18 birth date you have been endowed with a considerable degree lot of personal willpower.

At times however, you will feel that your will and desires in life are being frustrated and restricted by the external circumstances within your life.

You should therefore only accept that which is around you as being your only your launching pad for your greater success in this world.

Dress wise the January 18 may well choose to dress in a  conservative manner at work and where you do so then you should select the colors of black or gray.

These particular colors can project an image of authority and, as result they can help you to be taken seriously by those around you.

On a more lighter note of dress consider wearing a jaunty scarf woven in threads of purple, indigo, and blue.

Add a moonstone pendant that is set in silver as its influence can help to calm your well-being.

The January 18 birth date endows you with the desire to explore and investigate a very wide variety of interests.

Subjects that can be of particular to those of the January 18 birth date are mathematics, navigation and astronomy.

The January 18 is the type of person who likes to know in  what direction they are going in life so, one way to cater for this aspect of your personality might be to carry compass about with you or, the installation of navigational equipment within your motor vehicle or boat.

On the home front, the January 18 will generally like to have  items or equipment collected from their travels around them.

Dark wooden furniture and globe lighting should appeal to their personality and some decorative cloth wall hangings bought back from their travels will tend to add to the overall atmosphere of their home environment.

In your out doors environment the January 18 will enjoy a well set out garden area and in keeping with their Capricorn ruling sign of Earth, some earthenware pots filled with flowers.

Include an earthen brick area with the garden to cater for out door seating, eating and relaxing, plus a barbeque for further outdoor entertaining.

Another outdoor feature that is very likely to appeal to those of this date is a weathervane through  its relationship to earthly activities.

Follow your earth sign instincts and take a trip to visit a country estate.

Enjoys the scenes of acres of cultivated land and beautifully manicured gardens, take in and smell the scents and fragrance of you ruling sign of mother earth.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 2.

The eighteenth day of the first month reduces to ten, and the number ten is a number that represents that of perfection and command.

This is a path of achievement and those born on this day tend to naturally attract to the role of leadership.

The eighteenth day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the sense of completeness to your accomplishments.