January 17 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

As a January 17 Capricorn birth date you come under a particular symbolic theme that applies to all Capricorns.

The theme is that of the climbing of a mountain, however, for each degree factor of this sign governs a different way in which one climbs that mountain in life.

The January 17 will find that, as long as they ensure to include the appropriate knowledge and the special training in the use of their equipment, then they will be well equipped to tackle any challenges that might arise during their climb to reach their final goals in life.

You should take an interest in, and the time to listen to older people. because you can benefit greatly from associating with them.

The knowledge that they hold from their personal life experiences can be passed over to you who, in turn, can apply the same to your own future growth and advancement.

Before you can reach that top of the mountain of success you must first learn to rise out off and upwards from the earth.

Endeavor to study history and philosophy and, to learn as much as you can about the cycles, achievements, and errors of humanity.

The more enlightened you are about our universal human foundations then the more successful and rewarding will be your own particular chosen path in life.

Being born on this day involves an aspect that encompasses you in an atmosphere of solitude. As result you will always feel somewhat alone, even so when in the midst of family, friends, and gatherings.

Your January 17 birth date path is that of self-sufficiency and personal self-mastery so that your sense of comfort and well being arises from out of the success in your chosen endeavors.

Your Capricorn connection to the earth is entrenched, but at times however, it can find an expression in a detrimental interest with that of materialism as a source of natural enjoyment rather than, with the earth

Your January 17 birth date may well fall on a critical degree whereby you can be liable to the experience highs and lows in life some what more keenly than others.

As a January 17 you are prone to have a strong but somewhat impatient nature.

To counteract this steak in your nature you might like to look engaging in activities where you can blow off some steam.

As examples, martial arts, running and boxing could be good outlets for a person like you.

At work, in your study or any other special room at home consider keeping on hand an executive toy.

As example, a toy that preferably comprises of ten balls. The number ten is the important aspect here because any item utilizing patterns of ten will help your mind to both focus and to acquire a sense of control.

On the home front, decorate the walls of your staircase with photos, awards, and commendations as your personal record of accomplishments.

As a January 17 you could also draw on the comfort and stillness that is projected by a nature picture by way of painting or photographic picture that depicts a serene visual of snow- covered mountains.

Statues and vases of clay are good decorative objects for the January 17 and you might enjoy the possession of and looking at pictures of ancient Greek vases and artifacts.

Vases produced in red and black clay could hold a particular appeal for you.

As a hobby the sculpting of item in clay could prove of particular appeal to the January 17.

In your outdoor scenario, with your Capricorn connection to Earth take a retreat to some woodlands, build a fire, and listen to wood burn and crackle, watch the ember glow and smell the fragrance of burning wood.

A natural wood carved walking stick is an object that will help unite you to mother earth.

The January 17 garden or yard should express a sculptured look with perhaps a slate-lined garden walk and a mixture of rocks and flowers.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 8.

The seventeenth day of the first month reduces to nine, and the number nine signifies the end of a cycle. The number Nine represents fulfillment, completion, and attainment.

The seventeenth day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds a natural sense of rhythm to the cycles you feel.