January 16 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

The January 16 birth date is a birth date that inspires that of  contemplation, philosophy, and more specifically an inherent desire and need for more peaceful times and a calm surrounding environment.

As a January 16 Capricorn you are one who can deal with the pressures of daily life and unquestionably live up to and fulfill any responsibilities that you may take on.

You can however project yourself to others as a somewhat detached and efficient personality, but this image that you project tends to conceal that inner sensitivity that you have within you.

You tend to conceal this sensitive aspect of your character from others and to reveal it to very and, in reality, you may more often than not tend to keep it hidden from even yourself!

An important lesson in life for those of the January 16 birth date is to discover how to balance the realistic and the idealistic and the artistic with the practical in life.

You are by nature an excellent student. When you choose to do something or undertake some project then nothing less than absolute perfection and total integrity will satisfy you.

As a January 16 endeavor to open yourself up to the artist or the poet that exist within you.

Gain inspiration by taking long walks where you can be in tune with nature. water scenarios can be particularly attractive for the January 16, the sea, lakes, rivers or other such bodies of water.

Such activities will bring not only bring you comfort but will they will also help you to stimulate your creative potentials.

Your birth date identifies with a person who is capable of mastering a variety of experiences in life.

The January 16 also has a some what quirky side to their personality and it is this aspect of their personality that tends to temper that strong sense of duty and responsibility inherent in the Capricorn nature.

As a January 16 birth date you are endowed with your own particular manner cum style and, you have a natural sense of comedy that will always enable you to assert yourself with grace.

The January 16 is by nature a collector of things and, in one sense this could relate to the collecting and recording of data.

As example, a career choice of that of a professional archivist might apply to those of the January 16 birth date.

It is not difficult for those of this birth date to acquire treasures such as jewellery and other collectibles.

Try not to hold on to tight to such things however, keep things in circulation and endeavor to share your gifts.

Dress wise the color of yellow and, in particular a yellow gold, is an excellent color for the January 16.

This color tends to accentuate the positive aspects of a traditional forceful personality.

When looking to jewellery ware a ring incorporating the mineral “Beryl” set into gold will be perfect for you.

On your home front select colors that are reminiscent of the earth for your living room.

Bedroom furniture should be dark wood and possibly in the form of some older inherited pieces.

Carved column bed posts can add an atmosphere of importance and dignity within your sleep environment.

Offset with a white or natural colored bedspread cum accessories.

Consider some antique type lamps or lighting effects incorporating the shades of yellow, lime green, or blue violet as you will find that these particular colors can impart a warmth into your  surroundings

On the out doors front, you should cater to your artistic senses and be a little impulsive whenever you can.

Stroll a woodland trail, meander along a stream, wander the sea shore, watch a waterfall or climb a mountain.

In your garden,  if you do not live near the sea or other substantial water sources you can cater for such associations by considering including some nautical touches in your garden.

An old anchor, a ships figurehead or a vessel shaped as a planter for example.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 7 .

The sixteenth day of the first month reduces to eight, and the number eighth is a number of constant motions.

The energy of eight moves back and forth in a rhythm of flux and reflux, ebbing and flowing like the motion of the tides.

The sixteenth day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds the need to rest between cycles of activity.