January 15 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Mercury/Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

The January 15 Capricorn birth date indicates a person who realizes and appreciates that real success is not achieved alone and in this respect, you have been gifted with excellent organizational and coordination skills.

These are skills that you can use for the benefit of not only yourself but for all concerned.

As a January 15 the harmony of your surroundings is very important to you and that sense of harmony also extends into your human relationships.

You have the inherent ability to be extremely charming and helpful to all around you and you will find that these qualities will generally tend to attract any support that you need in order to reach for your own goals and targets in life.

The date of January 15 also imparts an overpowering sense of mission to those of this birth date and, irrespective of whether that mission involves the home, the family or your career, the January 15 will want to pursue their visions in life with strong  determination and precision.

Career wise the January 15 is very likely to become someone of importance.

Take some caution however, because those of your particular birth date can at times be a little insensitive toward others.

The fruits of your labor and success should not be to no benefit but should be shared with the larger community and to the benefit of all.

As example, your own efforts and inputs of contribution should ultimately become part of the infrastructure of society.

Always endeavor to take time out for yourself and to rest after your labors.

By all means take pride in your results and achievements, but take that break, a day off and relish a lazy morning with a cup of coffee and the morning paper.

Those born on this day are very often simply bursting with sexual energy. Look to the colors of red and black as these colors will tend to resound with your personal sensual charm.

Those of the January 15 birth date generally have a strong inherent sense for tradition and history.

As example, you may well derive great enjoyment from visits to museums or art galleries where you can find a way not only to relax but also as an environment in which you will generate personal inspirations.

The minerals of Jasper and calcite are gem stones with influence that will tend to soothe down the emotional aspect of your character.

On the home front, the January 15 is very likely to own a number of beautiful objects and possessions within their  home.

In keeping with your personality however, you will acquire and own such items more for the beauty and comfort that they provide you personally rather than as items or images to express any form of symbol of your social standing or success.

Sturdy furniture that supports the back and leather upholstery in rich browns, grays or black, or burgundy will feel both  comforting and practical to your personal nature..

In addition, historical family photographs set into old fashion frames can provide you with a sense of continuity.

Items such as rocks and minerals collected from your travels can be an excellent and interesting form of décor to include with your home.

Your kitchen and cooking areas should be cheerful bright areas decorated in cream and yellow colors. to match your personality

In the out doors environment, a garden that is both colorful and is set out in an orderly fashion will appeal to you.

As a place to relate with nature you should consider perhaps a gazebo or some other resting place sited away in one corner of the garden as a place to which you can retire and unwind after a busy day.

Since pyramid shapes and images not only appeal to your nature but also form shapes that can be revitalizing for you, consider including such designs within your garden.

Your special magic number are 7 and 6 .

The fifteenth day of the first month reduces to seven, and the number seven is a number that represents that of safety and security.

The fifteenth day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the qualities of both beauty and symmetry to this path.