January 14 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

As a January 14 Capricorn birth date you are one who seeks a sense of personal security that will extend beyond that of the material nature of things.

As result you will allow the external experiences of your life to inspire your deeper understanding of a more philosophical reality.

This aspect of your nature provides you with a foundation of knowledge that will serve you well and you will utilize your knowledge, talents and abilities in order to inspire the best in others.

The January 14 tends to find that their friends and associates will often approach them for advice.

The January 14 Your birth date infers a path in life of striving for mental harmony.

Whether a desire for financial security, or a pursuit for success in the marketplace, it will finally lead you to awareness of the balance that is required between the aspects of your true nature.

You are one who once you have committed yourself, then you will give off yourself unreservedly.

Endeavor to resist the urge to pile up to many attractive possessions or to escape reality by delving into too many adventure or romance type novels.

Try to utilize your energy for practical purposes and, in particular, for charitable activities.

The January 14 has a tremendous desire to explore their creative potentials and to endeavor to go beyond the short-term limitations of the moment.

While they well understand how others may feel restricted, the January 14 will much prefer not to dwell on the negative, but to instead open themselves up to the numerous opportunities available in life.

Your birth date endows you with a committed nature and your life is meaningless without some long-term commitment.

As example, a commitment to an idea, to a mission, to your family, or to your homeland.

As a January 14 your principles will lead you onward, and there is the possibility that you could gain acknowledgment or even prestige for work performed in the fields of medicine, statesmanship or theology.

Whether you are a male or female, your dress fashion should include some well-tailored suits.

A charcoal wool color that incorporates some fine infusion of red favors your birth date..

This particular day of January 14 is strongly connected to ideas of magic and in particular to the mysteries of womanhood.

Again, whether you are a male or a female, to realize the potential in this regard endeavor to also include plenty of the color blue in your fashion selection.

In particular, the dark midnight blues can be a color in which you will feel most happy and empowered when wearing.

On your jewellery front, look to silver or platinum materials as these materials tend to reflect your particular connection to the moon and to its influences.

Other colors that will prove a strengthening influence to your personality are those of orange and indigo.

On the home front, you might at time consider that your life is a little to rigid. In order to add some softness into your environment incorporate some plush cushions with in your home.

Look to selecting lighter colors for within your home and include a few quality rugs featuring the colors of reds and blues.

An occasional massage or deep soak in some hot pools or in a Jacuzzi can also ad a softness influence into your life style.

In your outdoor scenario, an occasional retreat from the pressures of life is an essential element for your overall happiness and well-being.

Make the time therefore to take some nature walks or to enjoy some soothing music in order to both inspire you and to boost your tranquility.

Gardening can be a great meditation medium for those of the January 14 birth date.

A rock garden concept with tidy flowerbeds with a hot tub overlooking both should be an environment in which gain both pleasure and satisfaction..

Trees in general, and in particular, trees within an orchard can provide an inspiring setting for those of this birth date.

Your special magic number are 6 and 5.

The fourteenth day of the first month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of balance and stability.

While your birthday path is six however, the first month also gives forth a sense of urgency that results in a desire for harmony.

The fourteenth day of the year reduces to five, and the number five keeps things constantly moving in your life.