January 12 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Mercury/Mars

Astrological Birthday Features

There is, contained within this birth date January 12, a tremendous inherent internal strength on character and, your mission in life is to consciously open up that power .

As a January 12 Capricorn birth date you can over come and succeed those challenges that you face in your life and, you will do so through the sheer force and strength of your faith and willpower.

Many folk born on this particular day of January 12 have achieved a great deal of compassion and understanding for the shortcomings and weaknesses of others.

In relation to this aspect of your character, your objective should be to avoid becoming trapped in the memory of your own mistakes and or the errors of others with whom you become involved.

Endeavor to avoid the finding of or the making up of excuses for problems that may arise in your life by trying to place any  blame elsewhere.

As example, upon your spouse, your children, parents, or those within your work or social environment.

Great success can be the prize for those of the January 12 birth date and you can march forward in life armed with a wealth of experience.

You can achieve this however, only after you have correctly processed and dealt with your failures and, also those of others.

As a January 12 you have the inherent ability to adapt to all manner of situations and conditions. In doing so you will always make the best of things and, as a result, you will always be able to learn from those events.

You have that inherent ability to convert the negative set backs into positive and progressive actions.

As example, in the world of commerce you are the type of person who would strive hard in order to advance up the corporate ladder to that position of C.E.O. If in the military, then the position of a General would be your aim.

As a January 12 you should follow up on your hunches because when you do you will generally find that you will excel.

You are one who likes to know and understand the reasons for things and, very often, you will tend to second guess your inner knowing. Take time therefore to listen to that inner voice.

Irrespective of whatever the January 12 chooses to do in life, their particular birth date  carries with it an unusual sense of mission.

Both bravery and caution are two of your qualities in life and, for many who are born on this day they will have a particular  interest in the helping of others who may be less fortunate in life than themselves.

As a January 12 the arena of communication may be a particularly powerful feature in your life activities.

This may take its form in your social life and/or in your commercial environment.

While as a January 12 person you might find yourself at your most comfortable where you take a more background position you do at times need to take some action in order to bring both yourself and your interests to the notice of others.

The carrying or the wearing of a piece of Red Jasper about you may well inspire your confidence in such circumstances.

On the home front, the January 12 birth date has a strong affinity for water. as result, and as an essential relaxation medium from your daily pressures, you might like to consider taking regular soothing and meditative soaks in a bathtub or a Jacuzzi.

Neutral earthy colors are ideal for you and, in particular the color brown.

Your planet of Saturn rules over minerals in general.

Mineral clusters or bookends made of quartz, can keep you in contact with the riches of Mother earth.

The minerals of Garnet and Ruby are stones that will tend to harmonize your life force

On the outdoors scene, the impressive imagery of a night time city skyline will provide you with the inspiration to achieve.

The January 12 will generally enjoy the activity of gardening and, in keeping with their birth date character quite likely to  create a garden environment that projects a sensation of monumental feeling and effect.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 3 .

The twelfth day of the first month reduces to four, and the number four is that of order and measurement.

The twelfth day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the quality of creative expression to your path in life.