January 11 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Capricorn



YOUR RULERS – Saturn/Venus/Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

As a January 11 Capricorn birth date while your progress in life may appear slow your basis for progress will be very sure and very firm.

While you may not start off in a position of leadership, with your inherent Capricorn characteristics you will never lose sight of your final objective or objectives.

In addition, as a January 11 Capricorn you are likely to have a very strong natural desire to take a lot of other people along with you on your journey to reach the top.

Although you are focused and dedicated toward your own personal goals and ambitions, you are one who is fully aware that your cooperation with partners or co-workers will form  an essential element for the benefit of not only yourself but for everyone else also.

As a January 11 birth date you have an abundance of drive and willpower in order to stimulate the creative potential of all  those involved with you.

You should use your natural talents therefore to blend and harmonize people as this will allow you to weave a wonderful tapestry of human enterprise.

The January 11 is an intuitive person, and your own perceptive vision will easily allow you to penetrate beyond the masks of others.

With this ability you are able to provide them with support and encouragement in their endeavors.

The date of January 11 forms a focal point for group opportunities and self-development.

With your natural attributes you will find that people will tend to gravitate to you in order to receive your advice and counsel.

In this arena of our relationships you are one who will take the responsibility of their confidentiality very seriously.

You should surround yourself with all the necessary tools that you may need for that of both your work and your play.

Constantly expressing the creative process is an element that is vital to your ongoing welfare.

You are one who must be able to see and to touch and feel the real results of your creativity.

The observation of each particular part of a process as a separate aspect or stage is one that is critical for you.

As example, to watch the unique process and stages opening up of a larva into caterpillar and then to chrysalis and, then finally the butterfly.

As a January 11 birth date you are one who seeks to understand as to where you as an individual fits into the scheme of things and, at your best you are able to gather together all of the pieces of the puzzle into the one perfect unit.

Music, and in particular sacred music tends to provide you both inspiration and a medium for relaxation.

Look to acquiring some mineral pieces of garnet, green quartz or malachite as you can find that these materials will help to calm your emotional senses.

On the home front, surround yourself with good lighting as this can act as a boost for your spirits and in the winter periods ward off winter blues.

There are values associated with this particular day of January 11 that indicate a potential overriding concern with that of “Order” and more explicitly that of moral order.

As result there is the possibility that such influence may well be reflected within your home environment.

This might result in your creating a rather austere home environment.

While there is nothing wrong should you choose to live such way you could, if you so desire, lighten up the home environment through the introduction some pale-colored soft furnishings.

Some arm chairs or other furniture pieces in pastel fabric shades.

As a further reflection of your inherent desire for order you might like to acquire some antique storage trucks or chests complete with metal brass fittings for example.

Consider some heavy heirloom type furniture in mahogany or oak mixed in with some lighter, more modern pieces.

Add special grandfather clock perhaps, or, some other large timepiece to remind you of one of the symbols for Capricorn, “Old Father Time”.

In your out doors environment your garden will form your place in which to really relax.

Rocks can be of particular appeal to those of your birth date so consider having a rock garden, in a somewhat meager lay-out with some low-lying bushes.

Those born this day of January 11 do at times like a little pocket of chaos in their life even if for no other reason, than to have the some fun in straightening things out.

To satisfy this criteria of your nature you might like to plan your garden sections. Some areas for winter plants, another for spring and a general mix up of plantings for summer.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 2.

The eleventh day of the first month reduces to three, and the  number three represents that of growth and development.

The eleventh day of the first month reduces to two, and the number two adds the element of repetition to the experienced lessons of this path.