Investigating a Fake Psychic Reading


Psychic reading is just unbelievable. Your distant auntie or someone in your family may believe in psychics. You want to break it to them gently. Most of the psychics nowadays are frauds. Get your magnifying glass ready because we are going to bust some psychic reading hoaxes.

The term psychic reading refers to someone attempting to use clairvoyance. There have been studies already trying to prove that psychic reading is real. The studies were inconclusive. Unfortunately, opportunistic people have used this vagueness in science to exploit others.

Psychic Readers

psychic reader is one who is able to see the future. He or she may use a crystal ball to give her reading. Sometimes visitors marvel at how the psychic reader knows events of their lives.

The hoax: A psychic reader uses vague suggestive statements in digging information. They make statements like “I see a troubled past” and look at your unconscious body reaction for a clue. After wowing a customer with discernments of the past, a psychic reader will then conclude the visit with an even more cryptic message. Statements like “You will travel to a new place”. All they have to do is leave out the time and place it will happen.

Tarot Card Readers

tarot reader is one who uses a deck of tarot cards. In some countries, they call a tarot reader as tarot master. A customer can ask a question. The tarot reader will then draw cards and lays them on a table. The future is interpreted based on the symbols of the cards and the positions they take up.

The hoax: Tarot reading requires knowledge of the symbols of cards. One just has to read the symbolism and how it affects the other cards. The reader then relates it to the customer. Some call it a hoax because you can ask the same question, shuffle the deck and the results will be different.

There’s a different reader of tarot cards. You can find one naming herself or himself as a psychic tarot reader. Unlike the regular tarot reader, a psychic tarot reader claims affinity to tarot cards. A customer can still ask a question. However, a psychic tarot reader won’t use a layout of cards. They’ll just pick random cards and then interpret them directly. Sometimes, their interpretation is not centered on the symbol or meaning of the tarot card. Try asking the same question again. You will hear the psychic tarot reader say the same reading with different cards.

Astrologers and the Horoscope

Media has reported a lot of information about astrologers or people who use the pseudoscience called astrology. It’s called a pseudoscience because the phenomenon happens, but it cannot be proved through scientific methods. There are lots of psychics who use astrology to predict the future. Some have claimed that they know the future because a comet is coming. Some even quantify the future according to the direction the tail of a comet is pointing.

The hoax: The heavens have no bearing whatsoever on the lives of humans. Unless of course, an asteroid happens to be heading towards earth, then you could say a large number of people will die. Scientists say that astrology is just based on pure coincidences. But for centuries, astrology was strongly believed by people because of the coincidences.

Be careful when believing in psychics. Even anyone who says they can predict the end of the world should be cautiously scrutinized. You may have heard the world should have ended last May 2011. Aren’t you glad that you’re reading this article right now?