Indian Astrology


Indian Astrology Signs

Also called Jyotish, the Indian horoscope was created more than 6,000 years ago in India. Compared to astrology we know, there are more differences than just similarities. The position of the stars in the West is tropical and synchronizes with the seasons.

Soon, Aries, who begins the cycle of the zodiac, marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Already in Indian astrology, the system is the sidereal, in which the stars serve as parameters. One thing, both are equal, both the western and Indian zodiac have twelve signs.

But even within this resemblance, there is a difference: if you are of Aries, you may not be of Mesha (the first sign) in Vedic astrology. This is also true of the regents. Instead of twelve stars of our horoscope, only Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, as well as the Sun and Moon, take turns among the signs.

Aries or Mesha

Taurus or Vrishabha

 Gemini or Mithuna

Cancer or Karka

Leo or Simha

Virgo or Kanya

Tula or Libra

Vrischika or Scorpio

Dhanu or Sagittarius

Makara or Capricorn

Kumbha or Aquarius

Meena or Pisces


Vedic Astrology, derived from the Vedas, or ancient sacred Hindu texts, is the purest and most powerful form of astrology in practice today.

The ancient seers of India used this system thousands of years ago, and the same system is used today. Vedic astrology is based on reincarnation, or the transmigration of the soul. According to one’s actions in the previous life or lifetimes, one enjoys or suffers the consequence of those actions in the current lifetime For every action, there is an equal or greater reaction. This is known as the law of Karma. A Vedic astrologer (Jyotish) can foretell to a great extent what one’s karma will be in this and the future life, simply by casting their horoscope.

Proper action taken in this lifetime can greatly lessen the effects of “negative” karma, resulting from ignorance in a previous life, and it can also increase “positive” karma earned through activities performed in knowledge or goodness in a previous incarnation.



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