Egyptian Astrology: What Is My Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

When the Creator decides that you must come to this earthly world, you come considered with a purpose, and mission; and these do not start at the moment you are born, but from the conception.

Your personality is marked by a zodiac sign in the horoscope, which will have its influence on your health, profession, and therefore, your destiny. We all are tuned to the cosmos, and emerge from three signs: the Solar, which is what you know as your sign; the Lunar which is what denotes your emotions: and the Ascendant, which appears as a result of your birth. The horoscope, zodiac signs, an astrology chart… are not elements that will change your life; but will allow you to discover your potential, skills, weaknesses, shortcomings, and even your character. Remember that you make your own destiny! And intuition will always be your best horoscope to achieve what you set out to do in this life.

Is extremely interesting, and appealing, diving in knowledge of horoscope, its appearance begins and transcendence. The Egyptian horoscope, like the Chinese, have a magical way to letting us get into that world of what is known, what is not known, and what is about to be known.

Early studies of astrology were originated in ancient Mesopotamia, over 2600 years ago. Historically, and over the years, has been conceived in different ways, adjusted to the time, and space. The Egyptians were the ones who, on a large scale, perfected astronomical calculations needed; and they were responsible for setting the configuration we see in the current zodiac signs.

To the Egyptian people, both the horoscope like everything that converge, are ancient; for them, when a person comes into the world, a name have to be assigned to her, but not just any, but the name of a God, since his theories were considered cosmic laws, immutable, and applicable at any level and manifestation of earthly life.

The Egyptians held the belief that every God and symbol assigned to a person, must accompany her throughout her existence; for example, those born from March 16 to April 15 are children of “Apep”, and his symbol is the sacred serpent; these people are extraordinarily intelligent, full of power, are respected, improvisers, and motivators.

On the other hand, those born between 16 April and 15 of May, are children of “Path”, which means “opening” are beings of good fertility, long-lived, seek safety, are quiet, sometimes tender and timid.

It is notorious, and very striking that each God and symbol, is always governed between the dates of 16th a month until the 15th of the next.

Keep your mind in balance and not worry about the past or future, live for today, and discover your destiny diligently.