How to use incense?


Frankincense is too often used to simply change odors in the home and mask odors that we find unpleasant. Although its true influence is to serve as a tool to raise our vibrations in order to free our minds.

How is incense made?

Incense is originally a resinous resin produced by the Ethiopian Oliban tree, also called “Boswellia sacra”. What we call today “Incense” is actually a mixture of Oliban, to which we add amber, Myrrh. In practice, frankincense is made up of vegetable gums that are blended with vegetable oils. Then everything is calcined and colored granules are obtained, which, when burned on hot coals, give off a very aromatic smoke.

Burning incense excites physical and mental effects in us
Burning incense excites physical and mental effects in us

Who is using and using incense?

The Catholic Church used a lot of incense in front of the second Vatican Cathedral. They symbolized the cleansing power that generates this “smoke”.
In the Far East, which is very close to occult realities, incense is present in all ceremonies (not to be confused with sticks covered with dried herbal powder, which is unfairly called incense stick).
In the Muslim world, white or gray incense (what we call Benzoin in Europe) replaces incense. In the form of small solid pebbles that can be crushed when used on hot coals. The effects of incense are remarkable: a cleansing effect on the psychic realm.

Classic incense and their effects

While the rational aspect of our being is content to enjoy the smell, the brain records the smell, draws the references provided by our memory, and activates our subconscious mind.
There are several incense, and the properties of each have been proven. The exact composition of each is kept secret. Everything purifies, everything destroys bad vibrations, and yet each has its own specifics:

  • Incense of Arabia  : From the same family as pure incense, it is used to invoke the Elemental Spirits.
  • Incense of Lourdes or Bethlehem  : This is an incense that is effective for feminine vibrations and children under seven years of age.
  • Incense of Nazareth  : Magnetic in nature, it is effective for guiding the process, maintaining a good vibration with your finances, and for improving social standing.
  • Incense of the Three Wise Men  : This incense is used to persecute evil influences and solve sentimental problems.
  • Incense from Jerusalem  : They cleanse and act for the benefit of the one who prays.
  • Papal incense  : It dominates all incense, and its strange scent has a universal cleansing power.
  • Benzoin  : It was once called “the real balm.” Containing many alkaloids, the cleansing action of which is highly valued by the Magi, it promotes prosperity in commerce and intellectual activity. Added to a bit of Pontic incense, it literally creates the right vibrational ground for the resurrection of the 72 Great Intelligences of Mercury.
  • Tears  : This is a resin that enhances the effects of Lourdes incense and Nazareth incense.
  • Manna  : This resin, obtained from the bushes of Sicily, is conducive to material gains, money, items.
  • Myrrh  : Sourced from Arabian shrubs, this resin is very sweet and is loved by Israelis and Greeks. It helps with mental concentration and meditation.
  • Oliban or pure incense  : collected in Ethiopia, its sweet and sunny fumes are conducive to the rituals of Worship and Evolution. As for Pontic incense, it is versatile and effective for all rituals.