How to open the heart chakra with 2 exercises


The most common traditional practices that will help you open your heart chakra are yoga, meditation, crystal and gemstone work, breathing exercises, and mudras.

Find the technique that you are comfortable with and practice regularly. The effects on your fourth chakra will be noticeable in less than two weeks.

1. Heart chakra yoga pose: shalabhasana

Lie on your stomach, with your chin touching the floor.

  • Clasp your hands behind your lower back, in line with your back.
  • As you inhale, slowly lift your head, sternum, and shoulders up and back. Your chest will arch.
  • As you get comfortable doing this pose, you can also try lifting your feet off the ground.
  • Take two deep breaths while holding this pose, then exhale.

2. Mudras of the heart chakra: AKASH and PRITHIVI

The finger positions for the breathing exercise aimed at strengthening the fourth chakra are different for women and men.

  • Women should bring the thumb and ring fingers of the left hand together and the thumb and middle finger of the right hand, while men should do the opposite.
  • Place your hands, palms up, on your knees.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and repeat the yam mantra several times as you exhale.

Repeat this sequence seven times while mentally focusing on the heart chakra.

Symptoms of opening the heart chakra

When your heart chakra is open, your perception of reality changes from ‘thinking about things’ to ‘feeling things’.

On a physical level, the symptoms of the opening of the heart chakra can be felt as pulsations or heat in the chest area.

When larger blockages are removed, you may even feel pain or pressure. Back pain in the chest area is also not uncommon.

On a psychological level, you may experience emotional instability with moments of excitement and happiness for no reason, followed by moments of bad mood or even depression.

When you experience ‘negative’ symptoms. you have to understand that this is only part of the opening process of your chakra.

However, with progress, these symptoms should disappear relatively quickly and then the other more pleasant effects can be experienced.

If your other chakras are somewhat balanced and you have removed major energy blocks from your energy body, then you can feel the underlying feeling of love and peace that accompanies the perception of the heart.

This feeling will grow in you and will accompany you in your day to day, giving you more stability, confidence in yourself, feeling of being supported and sharing your unconditional love with others.

We are very reserved when it comes to openly sharing our emotional energy, simply because we are afraid of being hurt by the actions of others. However, once we realize through practice, that the energy of love and support is all around us and not just in ourselves. When we learn to use and transcend this energy, we will realize that nothing can harm us.