Hanged Man

Hanged Man
Hanged Man

The twelfth card in the Major Arcana is the Hanged Man.  He is a card that is a simple card to interpret.  It means that your life is in a crossroads.

The Hanged Man represents having a sacrifice and seeing things with a new view.


The past of the Hanged man shows that you have gotten rid of something.  You have sacrificed something, and it was hard at first but you are giving things up from the past.


The Hanged Man in the now means that you are having a choice that you will have to give up on something.  You will have to lose connections and find other things to do with your life.


The Hanged Man means that you will face a decision in the future and each time you wake up you will have a new decision to make.  The first decision is when you are getting out of your bed.  Motivate yourself.


The Hanged Man means that you need to think about your future, and you will come to two paths.  You have to figure out which path to take and ask people that have taken both paths what their thoughts are.


With the Hanged Man, it means that you will have to take time to think about the relationships that you are in.  You might need to get rid of something.  You might have things that are bothering you and you may need to just find a hobby to take.


The Hanged Man shows that you might have friends that are toxic to you.  You might have a problem getting along with some people and so you need to see if you make the right choices in your life.


In your finances, you might find that you will want to share your money with people you know.  You will have a chance of getting money but you need to make sure that you only make good purchases and you don’t spend your money on useless stuff.


You will have to give up a bad habit.  If you smoke or drink, you will need to change.


The Hanged Man suggest that you need to learn to live without possessions that are not good for you.


In the reverse, the Hanged Man wants you to make a plan.  If you make good choices each day, but then you make a bad choice, you have to do something to fix the wrong choices that you have made.  Consider the choices that you have made in your past and see if you have learned from them.


  • Surrendering
  • Devoted to something.
  • Sacrificial


The element of the Hanged Man is water.


The Hanged Man sign is the Neptune

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