Guide Over The Hyena Spirit Animal Totem


According to many knowledgeable people, there is such an opinion that each person has his own totem animal. By its main characteristics and other indicators, one can even judge by the person himself. It is such an animal that has its own characteristics, there are not so few of them. But first you need to figure out what is a totem?

What is a totem?

If you look into antiquity, then this is a kind of sign on which an animal was depicted. And all this knowledge has come at the present time from the distant past. But in many tribes, such a symbol was asked for help and protection. As a result, the process of worshiping this strong animal took place. And there is such an opinion that a person also acquires the strength and energy of the chosen animal. Totems can be very different, today there are enough of them:

  • A lion.
  • Fox.
  • Jaguar.
  • Bear.
  • Turtle.
  • Hyena, etc.

Each has its own basic characteristics and features. Most often, all these basic qualities are inherent in humans. The most interesting thing is that by studying all this information, esotericists have found such a calendar, thanks to which one can say for sure that each person has his own totem animal. This is what everyone wants to know, since every person needs a patron and let it be just an animal.

Hyena totem animal, what is boring to know about her?

Hyena is also a totem animal that has its own basic characteristics and characteristics. She has her own characteristics, she is quite mean and her disposition can be considered disgusting. And there is something that you can relate to her for sure: cynicism and hatred, no restraint, evil and negativity, sexual preoccupation and licentiousness. Hyena is often credited with even promiscuous sexual relations.

But this is not all the negative that comes from this animal. There is such that they often shout irrelevantly, yell and even often use mate in their conversation. As a result, they say about them that they cannot speak normally. Today there are examples of people whose patron is the totem animal Hyena. And from their manifestations it is clear that all this is suitable for them.

But at the same time, Hyena is a fascinating nature, it can even engage in gambling. But besides the minuses, there are also pluses, it’s charm and a good sense of humor. There is no bad job for them, people under such a totem animal always take up any job and they have everything in their hands to argue. It turns out that even with all the disadvantages, there are good positive qualities that everyone pays attention to. All this is important for everyone to know!