Mankind has always sought protection in some objects to carry over, attributing it the power to defeat evil, negative influences, and attract instead good luck. The evil has always represented an opposing force, which man has tried to defend himself.

Quartz, elephants, goldfish, clovers, Chinese coins, green stones, dollar bills, are some of the many items that are used as amulets to attract money, and prosperity. But astrologists, consider that for best results, it is convenient to use the talisman corresponding to each sign of the zodiac.

Aries: to this sign is recommended to carry a key as a necklace, and that those they usually use for their home or car, for example, should be put in a regular place at the entrance of their homes, so the money will always be present.

Taurus: those born under this sign are under the protection of the crescent, which is what protects them from misfortunes, and economic scarcity. You can take it hung up on a necklace or chain, hoping that economic wealth is in your life.

Gemini: to Gemini corresponds the owl, it gives them power and wisdom, attracts positive energy, and repels the negative.

Cancer: “Blue Eye” is the amulet that should always accompany those under this sing, it will attract peace to your life, and will protect you. Blue eye serves as a protective barrier from bad influences, and false feelings.

Leo: the Chinese snake is his talisman. This will give them good fortune, money, and the luxuries so fond.

Virgo: a pendant in the form of bull, to help them take power, strength, and boost them to perform all their projects, which until now have been left for later.

Libra: the amulet for this sign is the laurel, it will help them to transform the negatives into positives, also will protect their home, and family.

Scorpio: the snake is the protective amulet for Scorpios, will help them to meet any challenge proposed.

Sagittarius: the key, is the most convenient amulet for Sagittarians, this item will give them luck, and will ease labor tensions by absorbing negative energies.

Capricorn: the amulet for this sign is the frog of wealth, it will give prosperity, and good health.

Aquarius: the pyramid is the amulet for this sign. It will help to maintain enthusiasm that has been lost because of the daily life facts, also protects them against envy.

Pisces: the perfect amulet for Pisces is the fish, this item will give you happiness, prosperity, and abundance in love.

Amulets, have accompanied many people for centuries. Are part of fantastic, and incredible stories, and today, are legends themselves. Find the amulet for good luck! Protect your environment from envy.