Aries: this year, the stone for you is the Blue Topaz; this stone will help you to strengthen and clear your mind, and regenerate all those external energies that exhaust you and result in mental fatigue, floating through you with its pale blue, keeping you away from negative thoughts.

Taurus: this year your stone is rhodochrosite, this gem will strengthen the bonds of selfless love between you and your partners, and in your environment, whether family or social; increasing in you, and in people around you, a sense of inexhaustible fidelity.

Gemini: if your desire is to restore the physical and mental wellbeing in your life, a good talisman for you would be the use of some sage, placing it in a practical place, where you can take it with you; in addition, this will also attract good energy to your finances.

Cancer: your talisman will be a pending with an elephant shape; in this way you will obtain the benefits of this mystical animal, granting you power, courage, and at the same time wisdom.

Leo: for you who want to excel and stand out for your intelligence, the stone for this year will be the sodalite. This stone will increase your concentration, helping you to express ideas in a more logically and clearly manner.

Virgo: if you want to take a long trip, whether be for pleasure, business, or studies; the ideal talisman for your luggage will be a seashell; it will open new avenues to make the trip more profitable, the current of the sea, will be in your favor!

Libra: for you, you want to take away of those negative energies of your life, the tourmaline stone will be ideal for this year, as it will bring the power to nullify all that would harm you, creating a protective field to your around. 

Scorpio: your talisman or amulet for this year will be a simple wooden bracelet, this will bring the power of nature to your life, strengthening your body; will give you blessings regarding money; for its simplicity, wood will help to strengthen humility in you.

Sagittarius: the stone which will benefit you this year is the Imperial Topaz. This gem certainly will increase your charisma and light wherever you go, strengthening your confidence and good self-esteem. It is recommendable is to wear it as an accessory.

Capricorn: a form of amulet for this year, is a coconut fragrance incense, and wood. Burning it every morning before go out is ideal for filling alertness, concentration and wisdom.

Aquarius: the turquoise is the stone of this year, and that is that with its serene and subdued color, will fill you with delicacy, allowing to emerge sensitivity to cope the circumstances with full humanity.

Pisces: an amulet that would certainly benefit you this year and the next, a pendant in the shape of a bull, as it will increase your strength and power, while it will give impetus to face you challenges of life.