Gemini Woman


May 21 TO June 21

Symbol: The Twins

Slogan: I Think, Therefore I am.


The sign of Gemini is known as the “Child of the Zodiac,” and in keeping with that description it portrays youthful vitality, and an ardent curiosity about life.

This is a sign ruled by the planet Mercury the fleet-footed messenger of the gods.

It is an airy, communicative sign and therefore the Gemini women are always on the move, and with a mind to match.

These girls are always inspired with ideas and they constantly express the need to relate, to talk, and to connect with others.


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The Gemini woman tends to be very rational person who analyses life and separates thoughts and ideas into smaller pieces.

While this tendency can result in a highly intelligent, versatile, and quick-minded person, it can also contribute to the Gemini woman’s tendency to be dispersed, nervous, and mentally fatigued.

Gemini girls love to travel about, jumping from here to there in a never-ending search for new experiences and discoveries of all kinds.

At times this need for continual movement can cause the Gemini woman to lose direction and, it can become more important and override the actual purpose for a journey.

Gemini woman becomes increasingly more discriminating as she matures, and will clarify the focus of her life orientation.

Irrespective, by her nature she will endeavor to remain an adolescent as long as possible, since she thrives on, and loves the many faces and the many small adventures that she meets along her versatile way in life.


Generally, the Gemini women lend toward generosity with their money and like to share.

They have an inherent ability to adjust to any set of circumstances, which is good, since their finances tend to fluctuate many times during their lives.

The Gemini woman likes to play with money, unlike her financially steady sister Taurus, or the somewhat reckless Aries who might gamble all at one go.

The more intellectual Gemini girl will tend to play the stock market and are often very entrepreneurial, in that they can be involved in several businesses or investment areas at the same time


The Gemini woman is one who has a wide variety of interests.

She will seek a partner who is as intellectually stimulating as he is sexually attractive and, one who is who is mobile, versatile, and not possessive.

In keeping with her “Sign of the Twins” the Gemini girl has a wide range of friendships and she detests any feeling of being restricted or tied down.

Since Gemini is not the most consistent of the zodiacal signs, then any partner to a Gemini girl will need to be a very patient person.

A relationship with a Gemini woman can be very exciting, stimulating, and full of variety, however, there can be a tendency for it to be devoid of true emotional intensity.

A Gemini woman can relate very well with those of the signs Aquarius, Aries, Libra and, in addition, be comfortable with Leo and Sagittarius.

Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus can be a challenge and, difficulties can arise with those with the more emotional signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.