Gemini Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Gemini Horoscope
Date Range: May 21 – June 20
Day: Wednesday
Color: Yellow and Green
Element: Air
Most compatible with: Aquarius and Libra

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Gemini is luckily considered as the most spirited one if compared to the other zodiac signs and it is all because Gemini-born people are simply adjustable and smart. Gemini people have both contagious wit and sense of humor making them hilarious and people would like to get along with them. Being friends with Gemini is fun because they are indeed the soul and life of a party.

Weaknesses – The weakness that Gemini-born people have is inconsistency and this is the greatest one. With this kind of trait, others might not know your motives. It won’t be easy to understand Gemini-born people because they would like to change position and their mind as they want. It seems not a good thing for a romantic relationship as well.

Gemini Relationship with People

As friends, Gemini people are good to be friends with and they will always be able to make good friends as well. For them, everyone in their circle is precious and they have intention to make their friends happy. It is even easy for Gemini-born people to win others’ heart. As friends, Gemini people are loving and caring and that is why they are considered as the charm of the group. In a friendship, they respect their friends a lot and appreciate every of them. They are reliable enough for their friends who need them.

As parents, Gemini will have no hesitance to treat their children like how they treat their best friends which will make a reason for their children to love their parents so much. For some parents, generation gap is a matter, but for the Twins, they do not care about that thing due to their flexibility. Their children will be given with a lot of freedom so that the in-born talents that the children have can be explored well. It is not that Gemini parents are always that soft and fun, but it should be considered that the children will be guided well without having to be harsh at them. However, they might somewhat require perfection from whatever their children do.

When the Twins become parents, they could also be attached to the kids because they are really soft-hearted. It is a bit impossible for them to be strict over their children. They will always give supports for their children to choose their own choice as long as that is the right direction. Although parents are busy with their works, the Gemini parents won’t ever ignore their sweethearts because in the deep of their heart, they want to develop together with their children.

As children, they may have the opposite qualities to when they become parents because they will focus on their independence. It seems like Gemini people do not want to attach to their friends or stick with one thing or place. Gemini children are not easy to handle, especially if the parents are not Gemini; it requires flexibility and open-mind to understand them. The Twins will always love and respect their parents but they won’t let their parents to take parts of anything they choose or work on. Rebelling is not Gemini children’s thing just because they want to do something they like the most as they will gladly listen to their parents very well even if there is no clarity that they have about what they will become in the future related to their career and life.

As superiors, the Twins are fun because they won’t be strict over their employees. They will focus on how to build a good and healthy relationship with their employees and team as between teamwork and departments need a great interaction. Even when working, Gemini-born will prefer to make it interesting and fun; Gemini’s employees will even have so much fun because they will work as efficient and easy as possible supported by their Gemini bosses investing in tech.

Gemini Sex and Love

Gemini Career

Gemini-born people are smart and with their smartness, they can be inventive and improve their skills well even though they might have some problems when it comes to decide between pleasure and practicality. Despite their belief that money is evil, they won’t bother to think twice when going to spending their money. It seems that the Twins will better be in full splendor because they can shine the most there as they are known to be smart in solving problems and having fresh ideas.

The careers that are good for Gemini’s future will be lawyer, preacher, writer, journalist, inventor, polemicist, and teacher. These occupations are good for them because their intellect can be stirred and they can find that communication is the one required in those careers. Gemini would like to exchange of ideas, change, travel, and find variety; it is just they need to have more consistency in whatever they do as they are already mentally sharp and outgoing which are actually good traits to have a good career.

Positive Qualities


They are happy to learn any subjects and they won’t refuse to do multitasking. They are always sharp and smart; that is why they will always be open when sharing opinions and exchange some ideas with others.

Humorous and Witty

They are impressive when it comes to humor and wit and that is the reason why they have many friends that won’t get bored with them. Their natural charm is how they can be spontaneous and entertaining.


They are always full of enthusiasm no matter what they do. Their excitement is good because they will always succeed at finding interesting things and completing their tasks.

Negative Qualities


The Twins are indeed sharp in mental and excited, but it is so difficult for them to focus on the projects that they work on. They may stop being interested in the works they have been doing.


They are easily confused and unsure when it comes to decision making. They have two minds at the same time so it takes too long for them to decide one thing. That is why they may often lose any opportunities in front of their eyes because they simply cannot make the right decision.


They may sometimes be erratic because of the anxiousness that fills them. They know how to do multitasks and they are excited for doing that, but they do not know their limit sometimes; that is the reason why they feel anxious at times.

How to Make Gemini Women Attracted to You

Gemini women are known to have dual nature and that is the most important to know about and you better understand how to keep up with that. They are somehow challenging because of their intellect, so it is easier for you to give a good impression to them by teaching them about something new that they have not experienced or known yet. It is fun when you approach them and it becomes more interesting when you successfully date them. They have constant need when it comes to sexual and mental challenges, so you need to bear with it because they can be the right lover for you.

When Gemini women have found their right man who can make them feel satisfied about the intellectual and sex desires, they will be the one taking initiative to have an official relationship with you. Be compatible with them by having the similar level of intellect, excitement, and sense of humor. If you can be open-minded, they won’t get bored with you and they would like to continuously communicate with you. Understand how adorable they are because they can be gentle and passionate at the same time.

How to Make Gemini Men Attracted to You

If you want Gemini men to feel attracted to you, understand their need in variety and mental stimulation and do not be that clingy because they seem not liking it. When approaching and seducing them, you just need to laugh at his every joke, stimulate them, and be fun. Since they love communicating, they will be impressed if you are fun to communicate with, but nothing is wrong by trying something fresh in bed because having sex with them is a good experience; he will get bored easily if you do not have any will to experiment.