Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Gemini with Taurus are located side by side in the zodiacal circle, and therefore their attraction is so strong. On the other hand, there are many differences between them, which is explained by their belonging to different natural elements. Geminis are controlled by the air, so they have a high level of energy, prefer an active lifestyle and always strive to learn everything new. As a rule, these are people with a high level of intelligence, they are well-read and are interesting interlocutors, attracting many people. As the wind is able to change its direction several times a day, so Gemini often changes mood and opinion.

Such volatility and emotional instability can irritate Taurus, belonging to the elements of the earth. It is a fixed, mundane sign that does not want to change itself and does not welcome it in others. For him, harmony, stability in everything, which provides him with a sense of security and peace of mind is important. Taurus is characterized by stubbornness, and sometimes even selfishness. He is endowed with a special inner sensitivity, which he does not demonstrate, but reaches out to those who are not afraid to do it. Gemini are just such a sign.

Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Taurus

These signs have different temperaments and characters. The air sign adores acquaintance and communication with new people. The sign of the earth, on the contrary, often closes and does not go first to the contact. Despite this, they can understand each other, thanks to the points of contact they have. Leading needs that both can satisfy in their pair: the land sign wants love and leadership, the air sign needs a patron. Compatibility Gemini and Taurus — a phenomenon that is ambiguous and depends on the natal charts and the personal horoscope of each of the signs in the pair.

According to the horoscope, Gemini’s compatibility with Taurus will be all the better, the more they find common interests and goals in life. Only in this case they can adapt to each other and adapt to the negative traits of the partner. Having learned to see the benefits of their union, the signs can achieve mutual trust and respect. Most successfully they will be able to interact in working tandems and friendship. Also, relations will be the most successful and stable in pairs, at the moment of dating already reached maturity. Young representatives of the zodiac are still filled with maximalism and selfishness, which do not allow to change for the sake of another.

Gemini and Taurus Business Compatibility

As mentioned above, the compatibility of Gemini and Taurus in the work will be successful provided that the signs have a common, and most importantly, an advantageous goal. The zeal and diligence of the sign of the earth will help the couple realize any of their ideas, which the Gemini ceaselessly gushes. Difficulties in partnership can arise in connection with their different life rhythms: Taurus is a down-to-earth nature, works slowly and carefully, is inclined to work through every detail to take into account all the pros and cons. Gemini act impulsively and are not always thought out, commit many mistakes due to their short-sightedness.

The compatibility of Gemini with Taurus in friendship is beneficial. As a rule, opposites attract and complement each other. Due to this they create an unusual union, which both partners value. Because of the difference in temperaments, these signs never get bored in each other’s society. Of course, there will be quarrels and misunderstandings between them, but eventually they will learn to solve them.

Gemini and Taurus Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Taurus in love, especially at first, has a good level of success. They can fall in love at first sight and immediately go headlong into the world of their feelings. Taurus will delight the openness and emotionality of the partner, from which he will draw energy and strength. Gemini feel the inner strength of Taurus and are drawn to it in the hope of finding a patron and defender. Their candy-bouquet period is filled with passion and physical attraction. Thus, the unlikeness of the partner is perceived by them as something attractive.

Taurus plays the role of a senior partner in this pair: he is more serious and is a born leader. The compatibility of Gemini with Taurus in relationships increases in tandem, where a responsible and stable Taurus will be a man, and a woman — light and changeable Gemini. The sign of the earth will be taken care of and protected by its unintentional partner, to teach it to the mind and to lower it to the ground occasionally. Such relationships are more similar to the interaction of a parent and a violent teenager, who must be kept within the framework, so that he does not stuff himself with cones. And if Gemini are interested in partnership, they will be happy to play this role. If there is no feeling on their part, then the control of the other person’s air sign will be perceived as tyranny and will persist out of the relationship like a weightless butterfly.

Gemini and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Taurus in bed is hard to envy. A strong land sign can have sex in the same position for a long time and tediously. For him, quantity means more than quality. But the air Gemini’s case is different. They need emotions, impressions and constant variety. They can just get bored and start evading intimate relationships. The air element needs lightness, slowness and spontaneity: they adore prelude, romantic dinners and the whole atmosphere that precedes the very act of love.

Gemini are inclined to constant experiments under the blanket, which the static Taurus can not always give: it is quickly excited and proceeds to action without preliminary caresses. His passivity can take the sign of the air out of himself, and if he gets tired, it is quite possible that he will go looking for impressions on the side. Geminis are by their nature monogamous, but if you keep them in emotional hunger for a long time, they will evaporate from your environment.

Gemini and Taurus Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini with Taurus in marriage is complex, but theoretically possible. It is difficult to imagine how their marriage will end: they can both live their entire lives, and divorce a year after the wedding. This will depend on the willingness of the partners to build relationships, the depth and seriousness of their feelings, the inner capacity to sacrifice for the sake of the other, and to make concessions to it. Taurus are more stable in emotional state, and if they choose a partner and reach him with a registry office, he expects to spend all his life with him. Gemini in this regard are more windy: if feelings pass, then few of them will fight for their marriage. Although there are exceptions.

Taurus at first will like and even admire the ease and variability of the partner, but over time these same qualities will be perceived by them as irresponsible behavior and terribly annoying. On the part of Gemini, the same thing will happen: the perseverance and stability of the partner, who at first seemed to him a guarantor of security and support, will eventually become boring and tedious characteristics. The compatibility of Gemini and Taurus in family life will depend on them themselves, their life priorities and values, and most importantly, from the feelings they experience towards each other. If lapping is successful, the partners will accept each other and understand the value of their tandem, then their relationship can be quite comfortable. Taurus will fill the house with material goods, and the Gemini is spiritual.