Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

Geminis are erudite, intellectually developed and at the same time gay people. They are easy to climb and ready to go to the end of the world in order to get new impressions and emotions. They refer to the air element, which explains their windiness, frequent changes of mood and instability to temptations. Quite often they are irresponsible: they take an inspiration with any cause, but quickly cool down and abandon what they started. As a rule, outwardly they are extremely attractive and charming, are in great demand among the opposite sex, and they themselves like to get acquainted with new people.

The Geminis are wards of Mercury. This unusual heavenly body: one side of it is in permafrost, the second is always hot. The dual characteristic of the planet completely reflects on the nature of Gemini. They seem to live two different people, and each time you can see only one of them. With whom you will meet next time, it is not known even to the representative of the air element. Today it can be the sweetest and kindest person in the world, and tomorrow — bold, brazen and stubborn. What will happen if two such people meet — one can only guess.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Gemini

The compatibility of Gemini and Gemini is at a high level, but only in some life spheres: for example, two interesting, energetic partners simply will not be bored in each other’s company and therefore become good friends. But in a marriage union, prospects are not so rosy because each of them needs a stronger partner, in which they will find protection and support. Thus, where there are no mutual obligations and responsibilities, they can perfectly coexist.

Geminis are creative people, striving for novelty and vivid sensations. The horoscope of compatibility of Gemini with Gemini promises them a successful union, but only if they learn to take on the role of lead in pairs alternately. Each ship has a captain, otherwise the unguided ship will break against the rocks: successful relationships also require the presence of a leader who will guide both. Otherwise, the quickly started relationship is just as quickly over. Each of them attracts his own reflection, which he sees in his partner: The Gemini admire their positive features and can not accept shortcomings.

Gemini and Gemini Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Gemini in the work can be successful in the presence of mutual benefit, which will bring them a joint cause. They work well in the creative department of any advertising company, in the field of journalism and wherever creative approach is required. Disagreements can not be avoided, since both partners have a high, unstable emotional sphere. But if both of them think more about the ultimate goal, they can agree. For them, it does not matter which posts they occupy, because they are driven by curiosity and a thirst for creativity.

The compatibility of Gemini with Gemini in friendship is excellent. The similarity of nature and temperament helps them to understand each other deeply, to support in difficult situations. They always have similar interests and passions, their communication can last for life and grow into friendship with families. The duality of each of them makes their union more interesting and diverse. Between them there is no competition and envy, so they quietly share secrets, and emotional openness creates an atmosphere of trust.

Gemini and Gemini Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Gemini in love is below average: their relationship rarely ends with something serious. Initially, they are looking for a partner who will follow them to the ends of the world in search of adventure and inspiration, will be a faithful ally and a fellow. They passionately fall in love almost immediately, they are attracted to each other on a physical level, each of them is filled with joy from the thought that both have finally found their second half and will live together happily ever after. Happily — maybe, but hardly long. Very soon, the first disagreements will begin to appear between them on a variety of occasions, and the stubbornness of each partner will play an important role. They have the ability to make concessions and compromises, but only to a weaker partner. The Gemini will never yield to itself.

The air sign most appreciates its freedom and will not let anyone restrict it. The compatibility of Gemini with Gemini in a relationship is not so high because none of them feel the inner strength of each other, and they will not obey a similar one. Unstable behavior and mood of both serve as another cause of disagreement: they are difficult to dock both physically and emotionally. At one point they will not have time to adjust to the volatility of each other and an emotional explosion will occur. Only their mutual sincere desire to be together, based on deep feelings, can save their union.

Gemini and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Gemini in bed is at the height precisely because they do not put sex at the center of the corner. Their social life is diverse and has many other sources of pleasure. Therefore, instead of daily sexual marathons, they can prefer romantic night walks around the city, joint viewing of interesting films or heart-to-heart talks until the morning. This does not mean that they are making love at all. They just do it from the heart, by mutual desire, devoting a lot of time to foreplay and intimate atmosphere.

Due to the fact that both partners belong to the sign of the zodiac, endowed with a wild fantasy, almost every one of them becomes a memorable, emotional event. They always come up with something new, turning the sexual act into a whole action. Gemini do not perceive sex as a way to get physical relaxation and do not engage in it from boredom. Very often spontaneous contact occurs between them in the most unexpected places, which gives both the most vivid sensations.

Gemini and Gemini Family Compatibility

If these two have reached the wedding palace, then they already know a lot about each other and managed to pass the first steps of grinding. In this case, the compatibility of Gemini with Gemini in a marriage can be quite successful, while the couple will try to understand and respect each other. The first time after the wedding, they will be in euphoria, fly on the wings of love, enjoying a partner. But time goes by: life comes, feelings fade away and a stage of the first disappointment and confrontation begins. Both will fight for their principles, until they get bored. And then two options are possible: either they turn their heads and begin to look for compromises, or they will disperse without any regrets. The outcome of events depends on the favorable compatibility of personal horoscopes and the natal chart of both spouses.

Over time, the compatibility of Gemini and Gemini in family life can become all stable. Partners learn to get along in one space, accept and respect the shortcomings and dignities of the other, become true companions and like-minded people for each other. In life, they will go easily, causing envy and admiration among the surrounding people. The overall level of energy and activity, full mutual understanding and feeling of the partner will provide them with a long and stable union. Marriage, as a social institution, has no value for them. By legalizing their relationship, they simply want to be closer to each other, and if the feelings between them cool down, then no one of them will be able to maintain such a relationship even for the sake of their children’s well-being.