Fourth House in Astrology


The fourth House of your comfort. He controls your home life – past, present and future. It indicates what kind of home you had as a child and what your relationship with your parents was like. The sphere of the fourth house includes what you inherited from your ancestors. In the present, he defines the housing that you create for yourself. His patronage includes your current household chores, as well as buildings and land belonging to you. This house also governs the final years of your life, the security you strive to gain as you grow old. The fourth house is one of the more mysterious in your birth chart, as it reflects what protects and isolates you from the rest of the world – the place you call your home in physical and emotional terms.

The fourth house is the last of the four private houses, so here self-centeredness reaches its peak. But it is also the first house located in the Western Hemisphere, the quality of which is orientation towards other people. And since this house is associated with the Moon (and in parallel with the sign of Cancer), it is the first truly emotional area of ​​the zodiac related to the upbringing and fulfillment of human needs. And finally, this house is the midpoint of the lower hemisphere, that part of the individual space that is directly under our feet and is directed to the center of the Earth.

What types of life experiences simultaneously combine self-centeredness and orientation towards other people? When do we have an emotional interest in other people, but the interest is primarily selfish and aimed at fulfilling our own needs? We could assume that relationships such as marriage satisfy these conditions, but an equal relationship is more “airy” (interactive) than “water” (emotional), and ideally, at any rate, these relationships carry the experience of a common consent rather than meeting a need.

The decisive factor is that the 4th house is the space located directly under our feet. This house contains information about our “roots” or how firmly we are anchored in the earth. Plants need a good root system to grow and flower. This house is a fertile soil containing a fragmented past and giving us the opportunity to grow and develop.

The family is just the case that meets all the conditions listed above. The fourth house emphasizes everything about our personal safety, our need to nurture and be nurturing. It is our sense of home as a physical place on Earth, and an emotionally safe haven, which is more important to us.

The fourth house reveals the essential clichés formed in early childhood. Of course, there are many other stamp-related factors that should be considered as well – for example, the position of the Moon or Saturn. But none of the other houses of the zodiac can tell us so much about the unconscious but deeply personal qualities that we acquired in early childhood. None of the other houses can provide as much information about our safety beliefs.

The growing family health movement, the women’s movement, the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs have made an amazing discovery every year, namely: who would have imagined that most of us grew up in families that are more or less influenced stamps of intra-family relations. Emotional limitation seems to be the general rule, not the exception, and many millions of people suffer from an emotional disorder that is the source of their life problems.

Maybe in our actions we proceed from unconscious belief systems and nervous patterns and as a result we find ourselves in an interesting paired situation: safety requires suffering, safety requires suffering, safety requires sacrifice, safety requires refusal to satisfy the need for everything (including the need for safety itself ) etc. Why this is happening is gradually becoming clear, but it is not yet entirely clear how to change this situation in someone’s life.

The properties of the 4th house are difficult to change, since they were formed at an early, unconscious age and, moreover, they have a huge impact on the decisions we make as adults, because these properties form an important part of our “emotional set”. Being in the womb, in the center, being patronized, feeling safe are all kinds of experiences in the 4th house. Many of us are very eager to change the forms of our security, especially when they are difficult to implement or they cause suffering; but very few people achieve their goal, very few change the basic structure of properties and the fundamental attitude to safety.

However, a careful study of the 4th house can be a source of understanding how to correct the destructive paradoxes that exist in the home, family, and personal safety. Studying at home, showing how our paired situations relate to our evolution, can teach us how to change cliches, can offer alternative ways to integrate these paradoxes into our lives, and as a result, the experience of being in the center of the universe will be more graceful and consistent. The Fourth House determines the zodiac sign Cancer and the Moon.