Folk signs: money and wealth


Surely everyone has happened to borrow or lend money. Monetary folk signs draw our attention to the fact that your financial well-being depends on how correctly you do it. How to borrow and lend money correctly so as not to lose financial luck.

According to the lunar calendar, there are 5 days when financial manipulation is prohibited, so try to avoid any transactions with money on these days, especially giving it to other hands. These are 1, 6, 11, 15 and 23 lunar days.

Folk omens for profit by day of the week

Folk omens about profits on Monday

  • If you want to save your money, never lend on Mondays. The borrowed money will not be returned to you that day.
  • You can raise a profit by asking someone from the people who live near you to borrow something or something from food, for example, a little sugar. Having done this, you will live in abundance all week.
  • If on Monday you sneeze all the time for some reason, expect profit or presents.
  • On the first day of the week, it is strictly forbidden to list your savings, since it is generally believed that this will lead to a loss
  • Never waste money on this day, because you will be successful in financial affairs.
  • If on Monday you find someone’s money, you will have a big profit.

Folk omens about Tuesday ‘s profit

  • On the second day of the week, you can not only lend, but also borrow yourself. By borrowing to someone, you will lose your money, and by borrowing, you will condemn yourself to constant lack of money and debts.
  • Our ancestors believed that on Tuesday you need to cut your fingernails and toenails, as this will bring unprecedented profits.
  • On this day, it is very easy to attract money luck to your home. To do this, our ancestors put a lucky coin next to the place where money was kept. Today, instead of such a coin, you can put a dollar in your wallet, what kind of amulet that makes a profit, etc. In this case, in the near future you will increase your finances.
  • If you found money on Tuesday, it means that in the near future a rich person will appear in your life who will help improve your financial situation.
  • Sprinkle poppy seeds on the second day of the week – to a small profit in the near future.

Folk omens about Wednesday ‘s profit

  • If there are baked pies in the house on Wednesday, it means that the owners of the house will have plenty in life.
  • Find money on Wednesday – to prosperity and monetary rewards in the near future.
  • To attract profit to your home and wallet, put a coin in your shoes under your left heel. It is generally accepted that all in the near future the money will literally follow you on your heels.
  • You can also raise profit by giving alms and helping those who need such help on this day. To do this, you can buy old bread, food for a homeless animal, change a large bill and give small change to those in need.

Folk omens about Thursday ‘s profit

  • If you have a debt to someone, try to put it out on Thursday. The ancestors believed that repaying the debt on this day is a very auspicious sign. By doing such a thing, you will increase your money.
  • If you find bills on Thursday, it means that soon someone will give you some money. Most likely this someone will be unfamiliar with you.
  • If you stock up on salt and cereals on this day, then in the near future you will not be afraid of financial difficulties.
  • To attract money, take a dip in it. Not literally, of course. Type in a bath and throw a few coins into it. Take this bath. It was believed that such a ritual would help bring profit to the house.

Folk omens about Friday ‘s profit

  • On this day, it is not recommended to cut nails and wash curls. There is a belief that in this way a person loses his energy, including money, and this, in turn, will lead to a loss of income and profit.
  • But what will bring profit on this day is the recalculation of your savings. Therefore, on Friday you need to get all your savings and slowly list them several times, mentally adding new bills to the existing ones.
  • If you treat your neighbors with bread and pies on Friday, then the whole week in the house will be prosperity, and money will be found.
  • Spread flour on this day, until a new job with a higher salary appears for you.
  • Friday thunder outside the window heralds the replenishment of your wallet. In order for such a sign to come true, take your wallet, put a change in it and shake it.
  • On this day, it is not recommended to cut your nails, so as not to cut the profit with them.
  • To increase wealth and existing savings, gather at your table on this day all your family and friends, and treat them to delicious food. All the money spent will multiply and return to you.

Folk omens about Saturday arrived

  • To multiply your profits on this day, pour some rice on your doorstep – this will point the way for money to your home.
  • If you find money on the first day off, it means that in the near future you will make a bargain purchase.
  • If you have guests on Saturday, be sure to shake all the crumbs from the table to the street, it will make you profit.

Folk omens about Sunday arrived

  • On Sunday, take out all the change from your pockets and be sure to use it. This will give the opportunity to “come” new money in your wallet.
  • In no case, on the second day off, do not borrow money yourself and do not lend, as you will lose profit.
  • To get out of debt faster, wash all your shoes on Sunday. Together with the dirt, all your debts will be washed off your shoes.
  • The hostess or the owner of the house on this day needs to walk around the house without slippers and socks. So luck and money will literally stick to their feet.
  • Break the dishes on Sunday – until you receive cash income.
  • DO NOT cut your nails on this day, as with them you will throw away your financial luck.
  • To improve your well-being and get profit in the near future, donate a large amount of money to someone close to you on this day. This money will multiply and will soon return to your wallet.

As you can see, there are many beliefs and beliefs about money and profit. Believe them or not, it’s up to you, but for the sake of interest, you can try to follow them, and suddenly it works.

How to lend money correctly?

Never lend an amount that starts with the number 2, for example, 200, 2000, 20,000 – such amounts are not returned or are returned with great difficulty.

When borrowing money, make sure that the person does not accidentally miss it. Otherwise, you will wait a very long time for a refund.

Do not give money into your hands, if you give money to a person poorer than you, then by touching her hands, you can attract the energy of poverty.

  • Do not give money to someone from whom you borrowed yourself, this will lead to protracted quarrels and conflicts.
  • The part of the money that you give must not exceed 30% of your income, otherwise your financial situation will deteriorate.
  • There will be a lot of money in your wallet  if you carry the wallet of a wealthy person with you for some time.
  • When you give a wallet  , put a coin or a bill in it so that it is never empty.
  • In order for money to be found, every time on a new moon it is necessary to watch the young month, while holding on to money or gold.
  • Do not keep an empty bottle on the table – there will be no money.
  • The house should not have two brooms, it should be one. Also, when it is bought, you cannot bargain. Place the broom with the broom facing up. This will help you become rich.

You cannot give or borrow money in the evening. According to legend, money after this will not be found. In the case when the debt is returned in the evening, money should not be transferred from hand to hand. It is advisable to throw them on the floor and then collect them.

  • When a debt is paid to you, you should hold a fig with your left hand in your pocket. You should take money with your left hand, and give it with your right hand.
  • To keep money from melting during the week, you should not lend it on Mondays.
  • In order not to always live in debt, they do not borrow money on Tuesdays.
  • For money to be found, you should give it in the morning.

Itchy palms mean you are about to gain or lose money.

I borrowed a saucepan (frying pan, plate, glass, bag, etc.) –  do not return empty, otherwise your dishes will also be empty.

Having sold the first thing assigned for sale,  touch the rest of the money with the money – then they will be bought quickly and profitably.

  • Do not whistle in the house –  there will be no money. You can’t whistle in the house, otherwise it will be empty.
  • In one day, do not  sweep with two brooms: you will sweep away wealth.
  • When you sweep in the house, sweep  not to the threshold, but from the threshold, otherwise you will sweep all the wealth.
  • You cannot brush the bread crumbs off the table with your palm, otherwise you will have to ask for crumbs with the same palm. Use a rag or napkin.
  • When guests leave, so that money can be found in the house, the tablecloth should be shaken out immediately after they leave.
  • Also, the table should not stand naked. Therefore, it is considered a good omen if the table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth, under which several bills are placed.

The glass must always be poured full. During tea drinking, tea is poured in such a way that a foam is formed, which is drunk. This will help you become rich.

  • If you sit on the table, you can become poor.
  • Giving money  in the evening is not good, there will be no money
  • The sun has set,  do not take anything out of the house – to ruin
  • You can not leave small change  on the table to tears
  • You can’t take out the trash  after sunset – there will be no money
  • To exchange  money for a change for someone to cry
  • Take money with your left hand and give it with your right

Do not give money in the doorway and do not pass it over the threshold, it is better to put it somewhere, for example, on a shelf or dresser.

  • Repay your debt in a good mood and you can even give a little more than you borrowed, this will attract the energy of money and financial luck to you.
  • When the sun goes down, do not count money and do not reduce calculations
  • When buying a new thing,  if there is no money left in your wallet, then you will feel a lack of money while you are wearing this thing. If the money remains, then your wallet will always be full.
  • At the first cuckoo,  stick money in your pocket so that
  •  Find big money for further material success
  • When laying a new house, they put money at an angle for wealth, and a piece of wool for warmth.
  • Must be served to the poor. When they leave the church, they give the beggar a silver coin, and the beggar a copper one, so as not to become impoverished.
  • A coin lying eagle up is sure to bring good luck, happiness and wealth.

Holding a rusty nail in your hand while you lend is a sign that the money will definitely return to its owner.

  • For a long time, there was such a sign – you can not give anything from home (money, salt, bread) within 3 days after a big profit, good luck. So you can give it away forever.
  • By throwing something  out the window, you are throwing away your wealth.
  • When  entering a new apartment or house, scatter silver coins there.
  • In the wallet,  money must be kept in order: so that there are no crumpled, first notes of one denomination, then – notes of another denomination. Money from different countries (for example, rubles and dollars) is not put together, only in different sections of the wallet.
  • When you  see a young moon, show her your wallet or bill so that money grows with the moon.
  • Money leaves  like water: you cannot have faulty plumbing in the house, because money will go along with water.
  • It is correct  to repay the debt in smaller bills than they took.

Do not clean the house  after sunset, especially do not sweep – the whole state will go away.

Do not wash the floor  in the evening – well-being will go away.

  • You should not pick up the found money, because they can damage. If you nevertheless raised a bill or a coin, spend this money for a good deed or donate it.
  • A sign is considered to be a waste when large bills are exchanged in small ones. Therefore, it is better to spend a lot of money in a store, while not exchanging it.
  • It is considered a good money sign if you keep paper money in your wallet with your face.
  • To keep money in your wallet, it is recommended to put an aspen leaf in it.
  • In the house, it is advisable to put a coin in each corner, which should not be touched later. This is done so that money is always found in the house.
  • To become rich, you should not stand on the doorstep, since it will be difficult for money to enter the house.
  • After sunset,  don’t put anything across the threshold.

When you get a lot of money at once,  put aside a banknote and always carry it with you so that it attracts other money to you. Never waste this bill or change it.

Salary  should not be spent on payday, the first night should be spent at home

  • Do not put a  hat and gloves on the table – you will be left without money.
  • There should be a coin under the threshold . You cross the threshold and say: “I am home and the money is behind me.”
  • Change from the wallet is given to the poor or spent on Sunday. This is done in order not to be rich only with small money.
  • If a beggar looks straight in the eyes when he asks for money, he is given a coin and is told to pray to Jesus Christ, as he will give more.
  • Money is a sure sign that paper bills should not be given to the poor.
  • If you want to donate a wallet  , put a coin or a bill in it so that it is never empty.

You should never give money from one hand to the hand of a beggar. You will very quickly find yourself poorer than that beggar. If you want to donate, put money in a box in a church, pay for repairs, etc. It’s just that such people have the strongest negative energy, which they generously share with you.

  • A sign is considered to be a waste when large bills are exchanged in small ones. Therefore, it is better to spend a lot of money in a store, while not exchanging it.
  • To become rich, you should not stand on the doorstep, since it will be difficult for money to enter the house.
  • It is  better to lend money in a targeted manner. For example, they ask for a loan for food before paycheck. Okay, no problem – I’m going to buy groceries from the list. Medicines, warm clothes, but NOT with the money itself, not cash. As a last resort, you can drop the money on the phone, or make a payment from the card through the bank. Nowadays, you can find many ways to transfer money via the Internet. BUT, the main thing is that the bills themselves do not pass from hand to hand, this is very serious.
  • There are many signs that are associated with losses and finds. The found money should not be raised, as they can damage the person.
  • In the event that a bill or a coin was nevertheless raised, they were always spent on a good deed or a donation was made.

Folk omens that our ancestors were guided by in order to make a good purchase

If you are going to buy something important and expensive, then it’s time to remember about folk signs and superstitions associated with shopping. They will help you not to make a mistake with the purchase and get the benefits of your purchase!

So, what were our ancestors guided by when they went to markets and bazaars?

  • Never buy anything with your last money , otherwise you will attract poverty, and the purchased item will not bring you joy.
  • If you decide to spend all the money on a long-awaited thing, then leave at least a pretty penny in your wallet, so to speak, for breeding.
  • Do not buy from greedy sellers, otherwise you yourself will become infected with his greed and impose financial problems on yourself. If the seller is the same gender as you, this is a bad omen.
  • If you are a man , then buy from women. If you are a woman, buy from men.
  • If you want to bargain with the seller and lower the price, take off your hat and wipe your forehead with it. The price will be reduced at your request!
  • Be sure to “wash” your good purchase ! This folk omen has a deep meaning. If earlier someone bought something expensive, then they gathered all their neighbors at the table. Not to boast, but to avoid the envy of neighbors. Now it is customary to “wash” the purchase in the circle of close people or relatives, and not so that they would not be envious, but so that the acquisition would serve for a long time and bring joy.
  • Don’t go shopping on Monday – run out of money. The best shopping days are Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Don’t buy second-hand items. If the thing has already been in use, then along with it you acquire the energy of its past owner. Why do you need the burden of other people’s problems and sins? If you nevertheless bought a used item, then clear it of someone else’s energy. To do this, use special rituals and conspiracies.
  • Do not give money directly to the seller. Place them on a counter or table.
  • If you pass money from hand to hand, you can lose your money luck.
  • Also, during the sale and purchase, do not take money from the hands of the seller yourself – you can take his energy.
  • By following popular buying habits , you will be able to attract good luck and acquire the thing that will delight you for many years.
  • Money will flow like a river: these folk signs will bring quick profits
  • Popular wisdom says that everything has its time and place. It is important to know when to prove yourself. And the universe often helps in this with the help of signs, the main thing is to be able to decipher them. These signs promise profit and financial well-being.
  • The body is the first to react to a quick profit, and many know that at the right moment a person ‘s left hand begins to  itch .
  • To identify a thing that has long disappeared – to money. This could be a lost credit card or wallet, a money clip or a red coin, that is, something that is related to finance.
  • An ordinary butterfly  can become a symbol of future profits. If on the street a butterfly flew past or landed on its shoulder, this still does not mean anything. But if a butterfly flew into your house, be prepared for the fact that fate will give you a chance to hit a big jackpot.
  • If you hear the same phrases related to financial profit from relatives, friends and work colleagues, and you see similar inscriptions on TV or on advertising posters, then the Universe is in a hurry to warn you about the opportunity of getting rich.
  • The spider in the apartment  is a symbol of prosperity and contributes to the improvement of the family’s well-being.
  • You need to ask for a promotion, make financial deals or gamble in a  young month . Then the chances of making a decent profit will be higher.
  • The cat  in Chinese mythology is the patroness of wealth. If in the morning you find a purring animal on your doorstep, you should know that you can be very lucky today. And luck will be associated with money.

Folk omens about money help to treat them correctly and not only save, but also increase money. Signs and superstitions about money have been collected for many centuries and you should not ignore them, only if you do not intend to spend all the money or lose out of stupidity.