First House in Astrology


The first House of your personality is the most individual and important. It reflects you – your mannerisms, style, disposition and temperament. It is the home of external behavior, likes and dislikes. The first house reveals how you show yourself to others and what they see in you. It often indicates your physical features, especially your head and face. Sometimes called the home of personal interests, it defines what you want out of life and how you achieve it. The place in the birth chart where this house begins is the most important in the horoscope, since it determines the location of all other houses. In astrology, the first house is seen as a giant magnifying glass through which the rest of the birth chart is studied and interpreted.

The first house is the most basic area of ​​life experience. Traditionally, it refers to personality and body, focusing on physical characteristics such as facial features. For example, the sign Leo, located on the 1st house cusp, may indicate a “regal” appearance, perhaps it indicates a high forehead or braids of red hair. Of course, our appearance affects the perception of us by other people, especially in a society as sensitive to a person’s appearance as ours, but for astropsychologists these interpretations are inappropriate, they lack depth, the essence is lost, they give astrology the status of a superficial discipline.

Infinitely more important is that the 1st house describes the manifestation of individual self-awareness, the fundamental event of awareness of the presence of the “I”, mysteriously associated with the existence of the physical body. The first house is about acquiring a personal human individuality.

The location of self-awareness is usually inaccessible to human vision. It is located where we feel identity with ourselves, even if the nervous system permeates every cell of our body. We know that our hands are part of us, but usually the hands or other part of our body is forced to pay attention to them only when they are hurt or they are subjected to other types of influences. Only in a critical physical state do we really part with the previous consciousness, but even at this moment there is a struggle between a short-term state of sublime consciousness and our usual center of self-identification.

The first house talks mainly about such a feeling of “I”, about such a conscious individuality that is beyond visual access; talks about someone who observes, feels, thinks, interacts with life – both with life outside of us, and with life emanating from the depths of the “I”. The qualities of the sign on the 1st house cusp and the planets in that house indicate the typical way in which we create self-awareness. They reveal an automatic way of identifying the “I”.

Yes, this house does bring out many of the characteristics that we spontaneously display under the non-technical label “personality,” and that’s important. But this house fulfills a more subtle function of the boundary that defines and maintains the integrity of the individual. The first house is a bridge connecting the “I” of a person with everything that is outside him. It reveals the way in which we protect our inner world when interacting with the environment.

Since the 1st house indicates the momentary types of experience of the individual as a human being, it is directly related to every event in our life. In some experiences related to other houses, the influence of the 1st house can be neglected, but its underlying influence cannot be completely eradicated. Any kind of experience in which a person expresses himself or where a person’s self-awareness is manifested, affects the influence of the 1st house. As a result, this house is the most important when analyzing our attitude to life.

It is for this reason that the rising sign – the sign located on the 1st house cusp – is of such great importance in astrology. It is one of the four most important interpretative factors of the natal chart. Any question related to human life requires comprehension and consideration of the positions of the Sun, Moon and Saturn – sign, house and interplanetary aspects – along with an analysis of the state of the 1st house.

There are many specific pointers that we could (and should) take into account when considering specific life situations, but each situation requires an understanding of the interrelated work of these four fundamental factors. The First House determines the zodiac sign Aries and the planet Mars.