Fire Release in Chinese Astrology


The Fire Release symbolizes energy. It can be both positive and warm, or negative and burn. As Fire always strives upward, so people of this element always strive for leadership, fame, recognition. Their life is full of surprises. If there is too much fire in the temperament, then the person can be aggressive, unrestrained in language and overly critical. If fire is balanced by the qualities of other elements, then representatives of the element of Fire are restrained and judicious.

People of the sign of the element of Fire are good organizers, they try to be the first in everything with their characteristic determination and courage. They make decisions quickly, igniting people with their energy. They have many new ideas, but if obstacles arise, a man of Fire can become uncontrollable and selfish, this is especially characteristic of young people who have not yet learned to master emotions. But if Fire learns to reckon with the opinions of others, it will be successful.

The favorite color of representatives of the element of Fire is red. In difficult moments of despair, emotional distress or fatigue, he will help you to recover. The facades of houses and headboards for people of Fire are most preferably located in the south. The midday sun gives them joy and inspiration. The most successful relationships can develop with representatives of the elements of Metal and Wood. Earth element people tend to patronize impulsive Fire, which is not easy. And the two Lights have complete mutual understanding.

Elemental Man Fire

The exceptional qualities of a leader inherent in a man of Fire incline him to quick decisions and independence, endow him with the ability to influence people. He is attracted by adventures and new ideas, he is not afraid of risk, he is always mobile. However, he must restrain his emotions, because vanity and assertiveness can increase selfishness and make a person uncontrollable, especially when he runs into obstacles.

This self-destructive tendency is especially noticeable at a young age. Fire, with its heat and flame, attracts many, but with excessive radiation it can bring suffering. Success accompanies Fire if it takes into account the opinions of others. A strong relationship with a man of Fire develops with those who were born under the signs of Metal and Wood. People of the Earth are trying to take Fire under their tutelage, which, of course, makes life difficult for both. With another Fire, the Fire man does not have any problems, since they understand each other.

Fire Man

These men need adventures, excitement from surprises and all kinds of risks. In addition, they need intimate connections, and a lot, they are impatient and passionate about life. For the element of Fire, the word “passion” has a special meaning. With an incredibly powerful motivation for the all-crushing movement forward in life, Fire can sometimes seem unstoppable. And yet he strives to find a balance so as not to burn out on the fly. Perhaps it is precisely because of the inner need to keep up with life and never stop, that Fire manages to meet many people and experience more pleasures and sorrows than any other element.

Luck is constantly knocking on the door of the house where Fire lives – and he instantly uses this opportunity. In love, Fire can fail. He is inclined to be irresponsible in his duties, refuses to listen to the problems of others, and often is so busy with himself that he does not even have time to listen to someone else’s point of view. If your partner is Fire, you must first of all remember that he loves the game. He loves to play cat and mouse with life.

The Fire man is a man of action. The result does not really matter to him, he just goes ahead and does what is needed, no matter what. In the soul, Fire is a real child: he constantly fantasizes about love and relationships with other people. That is why he easily falls in love and starts romantic relationships, but as soon as real life comes to the first signs of obligations, paperwork and other purely mundane routine of love relationships, hides around the corner … For such a man, sexual relations are not a purely physical act of copulation. This is the style of his existence.

Desire is a word that is very close to the heart of the Fire man. However, by desire, Fire does not mean love for a specific person, but rather the desire for ideal love. He projects this desire on almost every woman he meets. The weakness of the Fire man is the physical attractiveness of the partner, however, being confident in his “dearest half,” Fire will show attentiveness to her and understanding her needs. The difficulty of the Fire man is that he needs to keep in touch with his own feelings and the rest of the world, although contact with reality is not easy for Fire.

Fire Woman

Fire has a bad habit of clinging to the wrong place. For this very reason, the woman-Fire, obeying her own impulses, often finds herself in the arms of the “wrong” man. The problem of the Fire woman lies in her high, elusive ideals. For a Fire woman, romance never dies. She needs to get involved in the game. She is not afraid to find a suitable man for herself, but in which case, without flinching, she can get rid of him. Obeying her often irrational impulses, this child-woman throws men at her feet with ease.

Most Fire women choose to take the lead in relationships. Usually very attractive and requiring exceptional attention, they often attract exactly those men for whom such an independent style of love relationships is a disastrous quagmire. Such a gentleman will interest the Fire woman only for a while: like the Fire man, she prefers to play several games at once, watching how the unfortunate admirers, one after another, burn in the flame of her passion. A leading role in a relationship is so important for a Fire woman that the inability to take control usually leads to a breakdown of the relationship, as spontaneous as the beginning.

The Fire Woman intuitively feels what she needs and, as a rule, gets what she wants. However, no less, Fire needs friendship. A sense of camaraderie will never lose its importance in the eyes of any representative of this element. For a Fire woman, sex life is associated with great passion; it requires tremendous imagination and excitement. The monotonous fulfillment of “marital duty” is not for her, and if a man has exhausted his supply of romance, she will quickly feel bored in the relationship.

In the heart of a Fire woman there is much more optimism, hope and desire than representatives of any other element; but it will take some time for her honesty and sensitivity to emerge from an all-consuming concern for self-love and for her appearance. But as soon as someone manages to get into her soul, the Woman-Fire will prove that she is almost better than other elements capable of delivering happiness to another, because she is so striving for this herself!