Fifth House in Astrology


Fifth House of Creation and Sex. The fifth house governs everything you do for pleasure and creative expression. Your sexuality (the basic creative need of your soul) is an important part of this area. Children and the joy they bring to you are also ruled by this house. It is associated with entertainment, celebrations and arts. He patronizes romance novels, new beginnings, stock trading and gambling. In this home, you express your artistic talents and your ability to enjoy life. As a child, this home includes pets and playmates – it includes everything to which your instinctive sympathies belong. This is the home of your heart.

In theory, at this point in the space of houses, we are fully aware of ourselves. We have self-awareness (1st house), we have fixed ourselves in our bodies (self-determined) (2nd house), explored with our nervous system the space immediately around us (3rd house) and acquired security and a sense of personal significance by satisfying our emotional needs (4th house). Having reached the highest point of the space of personal growth and really gaining security, we enter a new stage of accumulating experience, enter the second four houses, enter the social space of interaction with strangers.

Of course, most of us do not reach the level of a completely safe individual, but even if we do achieve it, it is still risky to move deeper into the social space. And everything that the 5th house tells us about is about conscious risk. We know our worth, but we also begin to realize that strangers may not pay attention to us, and indeed, they have no particular reason to be attentive to us. We need to create a personality that can win their attention, love and approval.

The 5th and 1st houses are similar in that each of the houses deals with ways of expressing personality. But the fundamental difference between houses is that the 1st house is spontaneous, natural, and relatively automatic. The fifth house is conscious, everything is created in it on purpose, and it is very purposeful. This house will present you as if you are an actor on stage, aware of the presence of the public. These two houses tend to merge in the integral expressiveness of the personality, but an attentive observer will be able to tell when one house is strengthening its influence and the other weakening.

Of course, the pinnacle of perfection is to make the “game” so convincing that the audience does not guess about it, and if you play well enough, you can dissolve in the person you are portraying. This does not mean that you are giving up your own self, but that you are connecting your hidden temperament with a more conscious personality; As a person, you increase your efficiency and, as you gain creative power, you strengthen your connection with the Divine.

The 5th House deals with all forms of personal creativity or conscious risk taking, from pondering what you are about to say to painting a portrait of Mona Lisa. The fifth house is the next one and is located below the horizon, so it is a sphere of subjective judgments, like the 2nd house. But the 5th house is located in the western hemisphere, so the quality of the house is orientation towards other people. This house is dominated by the quality of subjectivity (based primarily on our feelings and sensations), but now we’re going to judge ourselves based on how other people react to our behavior.

At first glance, such a statement may seem very difficult to fulfill, but nevertheless this type of experience is quite common and invariably accompanies each of us. It is in those situations where the influence of the 5th house manifests itself that we experience the first real fear of social rejection. For this sole reason, romance, courtship and love affairs are in the 5th house, because they involve the possibility of rejection.

If you are in the courtyard of a house with a Spanish guitar in your hands, coveting the love of a decent girl and hoping that she will come out on the balcony in response to your virtuoso performance, then you risk that she will simply ignore you, or worse, she will appear on the balcony, but to pour the slop on your head. Pick a good song, sing it badly, and you will lose everything as a result. If the performance is perfect, but the song is inappropriate, then you again bathe in the slops. To win, you need to combine a good song and a great performance.

And so it is with all personal adventures, with all risky situations; You create a certain way of behavior – consciously, intentionally – and the 5th house tells us about this. Fifth House determines the zodiac sign Leo and the sun.