February 9 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus.

Astrological Birthday Features

The February 9 Aquarius birth date signifies a person who is willing to step forward and take up the cause and fight for the struggles of other people.

This characteristic is not unusual for those people born on this day of February 9 and as result they are very likely to become actively involved with organization and projects that are of community service nature.

It is very significant to a person like you that each and every individual enjoys the freedom to be able to live a healthy, happy and productive life.

As a February 9 you have your own particular sense of personal conduct and morality, and it is one that does not necessarily conform to that which other people in your circle and environment may expect of you.

While this does not mean that you are strange or an eccentric in any way, it does however mean, that irrespective of what other people may think or say you believe that it is necessary for you to live according to what you yourself feel is right.

There are some February 9 birthdays that may be positioned in relation to the fixed star of Nashira. In ancient times there were those who believed that although the star of Nashira signified a conflict with evil, it could also signified that of ultimate success.

The talent related to your birth date of February 9 is that of the ability to push onward after suffering setbacks and, to maintain yourself through the strength your own personal energies. As an example, a description of you could be that of an aged tortoise who with determined and deliberate activity, always succeeds to get where he is going.

On the home front, you may well favor some unusual touches within your home. Examples could be musical instruments mounted on the wall or, some unusual off beat types of wall hangings or other such decorations. The collection of some unique or exceptional objects d’art or oriental items and small statuettes is a type of activity that will appeal to those of the February 9 birth date.

February 9 is a somewhat serious and dignified individual and as such you are likely to reflect this spirit of restrained good taste within your home environment. It would be in keeping with your nature and character to decorate your home in a manner that could be described as that of “stepping back in time”

Dependent upon your finances and ability to acquire quality and interesting furnishing pieces you might like to consider buying a really good quality antique clock manufactured in solid polished wood with a brass pendulum. As a February 9 you should find the ongoing activity of the clock, the ticking and chiming of each hour something that can be both a reassuring and relaxing sensation within your home environment.

Consider incorporating some of the colors of blues within your home as these particular can provide a balancing effect upon you emotional conditions.

On the outdoors scenario, the February 9 will enjoy a lawn area that preferably slopes away to provide a view. Add some metal lawn chairs and some space to position a telescope.

The telescope can satisfy the curiosity aspect of your nature whether you use it for stargazing at the night sky or, on when you suffer one of your more inquisitive occasions, to observe the activities of neighbors both near and afar.

Quiet, unobtrusive places and spaces can have a wonderful soothing effect on your active mind. Try and give some of your time to nature therefore, go out into a rural or woodland area and listen to the calls of wild birds and take in and smell the fresh air.

In your garden or yard include some unique and unusual rock shapes, as these will tend to complement your personality.

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 4.

The ninth day of the second month reduces to two and the number two is the number of receptivity.

This path of this day requires that of drawing wisdom and guidance from your inner source. Learn to recognize the subtle signs and messages that guide you. While they may seem silly or superstitious to others around you, in your case you must learn to trust them.

Communication with the unseen is another form of language. So, pay attention to your dreams and learn to follow up with your hunches because experience shows them to be inexplicably accurate.

The fortieth day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds a certainty to your intuitions and the interpretations of the signs you see.

Rose quartz and Rhodochrosite set in white gold will enhance these communications.