February 8 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

The February 8 Aquarius birth date identifies a person who is very communicative by nature and one who enjoys interacting with others.

As a February 8 you have the inherent ability to quite easily start up a conversation with any complete stranger while at the same time can decide to call or answer and engage in a telephone conversation with some other of your many friends, acquaintances, or business associates.

You live in a world of numerous creative possibilities, and some of those possibilities arise from the world around you and others you will invent yourself.

The February 8 is very much a multi-tasking sort of individual and as result you can become involved in doing many things at the same time. While this aspect of your character might be deemed somewhat admirable you can end up applying this multi-tasking ability in relation to the conduct of numerous relationships as the same time.

Under these circumstance, the end result can be that you may not have the energy you require in order to do the things that you finally decide are of major importance and of benefit to you personally in your life. In other words, it is not that you lack will to do something, but more the correct application and use of your will that you have to resolve.

The February 8 Aquarius enjoys the combination of unusual intelligence with talents that may he marked with quite sudden impulses and surprising inspirations or, in other words- “that brilliant idea”. While some of your more brilliant ideas and concepts might come to mind at a time when you are engaged in physical activity and exercising you are more than likely to gain such inspirations during the process of writing on a computer.

You would be wise to consider disciplining yourself to keep record of your thoughts, ideas, concepts, dreams and inventions by written word and sketches etc. Keep a note of them in note book or on computer records because if you don’t you are very likely to forget some worth while idea that may have had potential for further beneficial development.

The February 8 is one who needs to continually exercise the brain and to engage oneself visually in order to avoid becoming bored and, furthermore in order to keep the inner vision sharp.

A particular aspect of the February 8 birth date indicates one who has an excellent sense of humor that is combined with a love of life in general. Based upon the substantial amount of fire energy surrounding this date indicates that the February 8 might be one who likes to engage in practical jokes on others both at home and in the workplace.

The February 8 takes interest in electrical and electronic applications and gadgets and is likely to own and acquire many such items within their home and working environment.

Dress wise the colors of red and yellow hold a strong relationship to the February 8 birth date so you might like to consider incorporating some aspect of these colors in your clothing or personal accessories. In addition the colors of purples, blues, and blue-greens are harmonious colors to your birth date.

The gemstones of Amethyst and star sapphire where set in silver can have a positive calming influence and effect on the February 8 personality.

On the outdoors scene, mountain plants and trees are important to you. February 8 is also attracted to the thrills of speed as related to fast machinery motorbikes, cars etc.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 3.

The eighth day of the second month reduces to ten and the number ten is the number of dominion and mastery.

The number ten infers successful finishes. Those of this birth date are not above creating a crisis purely for the joy, adrenaline and the thrill of providing a solution for the dilemma.

We learn whom we are and what we’re made of when challenged to the limit. How deep is your concern? Would you return to a burning house to save a child? Put this energy to good use by becoming a paramedic.

Social responsibility is your issue – Am I capable of heroism or only voyeurism?

The thirty- ninth day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds a sense of the natural development of processes.