February 7 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

As a February 7 Aquarius you are person who will have many, many friends and associates with whom you will share a wide range of interests and activities.

By nature, the February 7 is a very supportive type of person and as such you will be very supportive of the people around you. You have the inherent ability to encourage and inspire people to express themselves with that same individualistic attitude and outlook that you yourself possess.

You must however, learn to give due consideration to yourself and endeavor to make sure that no matter how busy you may be, or how many appointments or social engagements you may have, that you pause to take the time out in order that you can connect with your own roots.

As example, in the manner of a tree where the leaves connect to branches, the branches to trunk and trunk to the roots, you will find that you can nourish your entire network of business and personal associates, loved ones, and friends by coming back to those roots.

This can be achieved by spending a just few quiet minutes alone and listening to the silence within you or, you can also do so when involved in some sport or activity that supports your connection to yourself.

The February 7  birth date has a certain affinity for the wild side of nature, and as such you can have a particular attraction to wolves. You are a person who will get on very well with all types of animals and you will enjoy a great deal of personal benefit and pleasure through your involvement with them.

Any dog in your life should be of a type or breed that is in keeping with the wild aspect of your nature. As example, an Alsatian will be far more in keeping with your personality rather than a more fancy type of dog such as a poodle.

The February 7 does have an inherent form of counterbalance to their wild streak, and this takes the form of a very analytical mind. It is this aspect of your character and personality that is very useful in influencing and keeping your potential for aggression under control.

Should you feel the need to add more weight to that rational, analytical part of your mind then consider adding some touches of orange to your outfit and/or include a some hint of yellow in order to maximize the effect. Just a small dash of color in your attire is all that is required in order to create the desired effect

On the home front, you might have a collection of Oriental parasols that serve as lampshades for overhead lights. A carpetbag is a useful and romantic object for February 7 because by nature you are a traveler, and one who likes the feeling to be able just pick-up and go-off when the inspiration to go off somewhere takes your fancy.

In your kitchen cum cooking area, utilize the colors of lime green and be sure to have plenty of glass type storage containers about the place. An ornate pictorial chart of herbs and spices over your working area will be in keeping with your character

In the outdoors scenario, the February 7 Aquarius take particular pleasure and enjoyment from being in high places, a windy hill or ridge, a place high up on a roof, in fact anywhere where he/she can have a full wide-ranging panoramic view.

For the February 7 the experience of feeling the wind blowing through the hair can be a pleasurable and somewhat uplifting experience.

Your special magic numbers are: 9 and 2.

The seventh day of the second month reduces to nine and the number nine is the number signifying attainment and the goal of an endeavor.

Life to you is a great laboratory of cause and effect, and you yearn to know its secret foundations. You wish to see beneath the surface, stripping away the masking and outer coverings to access the deepest core realty.

Contemplate the morality of experiments on living creatures to assess reactions to stimulation. Try direct perception of mysteries through meditation.

Put a periodic chart of the elements on the wall of your study. Use a combined digital and analogue clock. Light an antique oil lamp, smell the oil, and gaze into the flame.

The thirty-eighth day of the year reduces to two, contributing the elements of contrast and comparison to your quest.