February 6 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

This birth date of February 6 falls exactly in the middle of the sign of Aquarius. This is one of the most “fixed” degrees of the zodiac, and therefore identifies that you are an extremely determined individual and, very much so when it comes to arena of achieving your plans and objectives.

The more you feel the pressure to fluctuate from your stated approach to life, the more you hold firm.

You have a general manner of openness and a positive attitude toward others, however this should not be misconstrued as a sign that you will give in and give way to the demand and the wills of others.

As a February 6 you have a particular flair for being able to hold, control and maintain the central aims and objectives of particular group project.

You have a strong inherent sense of what is correct for the whole, no matter what differences of opinions the people around you may have.

The art of practicing flexibility will go far to help you in your overall outlook, and as result, the practice of yoga might well be an excellent exercise for those of the February 6 birth date.

You are a person who has an inherent natural interest in humanitarian matters and this might take the form of becoming actively involved in some form of charitable organizations during your lifetime.

There is a strong maternal aspect associated with the February 6 birth date and this provides for a tendency to care for others and, in particular relaters to youngsters and younger people. One consideration for people born on this day when considering how to use objects to enhance their life is to think on what children might do with them.

In line with the characteristics of this birth date you are likely to have pictures or photographs of the small children in you life positioned around the house. You must give some consideration to yourself however and include some good picture or photograph of yourself up there as well because this is one method by which you can encourage yourself to take the time to consider and attend to your own personal needs.

Dress wise your personal style may be quite casual but with touches of eccentricity. Perhaps you are one to favor a huge warm shawl in the winter rather than a coat, or a sarong in the summer. Men may be partial to cowboy boots. Irrespective of whatever you decide you will, as a February 6, tend to carry it off with panache.

As a February 6 your home is an aspect in life that is very important to you and it can affect how you feel about everything else in your life. Your home is your oasis of safety and security in a world that often moves at a pace too fast for your liking.

You will already have very firm ideas about how your living space should look, but you could consider wood, and preferably pine flooring throughout your house rather than carpet. The liberal use of Oriental throws with spiral patterns of blue or red will help prevent any scraped knees and bruises for any little ones.

To inspire your energies look to achieving a spacious environment that incorporates a wide range of interesting shapes. As example, electric lamps that can be bent to change the direction of the light are something that should appeal to your nature.

In your outdoors environment you might like to have a small screened-in tower in the middle of your yard, as this could be the place for you to retreat and meditate. Consider the inclusion of some blue flowers in your garden or yard as the color blue can act as an aid to your concentration.

Your special magic numbers are: 8 and10.

The sixth day of the second month reduces to eight and the number eight is the number meaning rhythm. To give-and-take and cooperation are essential qualities within any community.

Society is a work in process and the ideal society is formed of fully functioning units, each prepared to perform their roles to support and protect one another.

The thirty-seventh day of the year reduces to ten and the number ten adds a quality of vigilance and an impatient desire to see perfection.

Stand back and observe. You could risk being honest to a fault

This path demands that you learn diplomacy so take time to study the interaction of those around you.