February 5 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Mercury, Saturn

Astrological Birthday Features

As a February 5 Aquarius birth date you are one who sees and identifies a certain beauty and a distinct message in everything about you, a value that is worthy of note and one to be respected.

As example, in a gallery of modern art you should find that no matter how strange the designs or shapes or, how diverse the styles or how outrageous the subject matter, you are able to identify with it all. It is the artistic and organizational skills of the gallery curator who shapes the whole.

You have such a wide spectrum of friends, experiences, skills, and interests, that unless they are properly organized then your personal gallery of life can end up in total confusion.

If your life is still in a muddle, then you should know that your number one priority in life must be to acquire such organizational skills.

As a February 5 birth date you can be something of a worrier and you need to make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand.

This February 5 birthday provides for both that of an unpredictable character and diversified talents. The nervous system is highly wired, and the home environment should offer stimulation as well as retreat.

The February 5 is blessed with an extremely passionate nature so, surround yourself with objects and images that call to mind great emotions be it in the form of portraits of tragic heroes or listening to a Beethoven symphony. This will give free reign to your emotions in a positive way.

The influence of Mercury might attract and lead you to become involved in the arena of communication. Phone, text, fax, phone and computer should all be up-to-date with latest technology. For feelings of depression a small trampoline can provide you a little exercise break and uplift your spirits.

In your home environment you might like to consider furniture in bright blues and greens where you can change the shape of the chair or couch – a beanbag for example. Your study area should feature a large desk, either wood or glass, from which you can command your world and your imagination. A crystal paperweight will encourage creative thoughts.

The values attached to your birth date of February 5 also relate to various words and phrases associated with water and, in particular that of boiling water. The image of boiling water represents the negative side of passion or the ability to get into a blazing rage.

You can pacify this fundamental mix of fire and water down with some earth energy so look to include some mature fruit trees in your garden or, decorate something in your living room using a pattern of yellow-green squares.

Dress wise; the inclusion of the colors of green and blue in your attire can inspire you to feel your best.

In the outdoors scenario, you look for and favor a some-what unique environment, and this might perhaps take the form of a maze of pebbles in your garden or backyard. Alternatively, a hide away shed with an old design lamp will give you a sense of adventure and privacy.

If you happen to live in the city then views from rooftops and high places will always act as an inspirational factor for those of the February 5 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 9.

The fifth day of the seventh month reduces to seven and the number seven is the ancient number that implies a sworn oath of honor. It is the number of victory.

As we can take nothing of a material nature with us when we die, then what is it that we strive to accomplish in life? We determine our individual talents and abilities, we work to perfect them, and then we offer them up to society.

Executives in a large corporation can be serving their own superficial ambition, or contributing to the whole through constructive self-realization. The idealistic work carried out by the United Nations or Peace Corps is a concept that can inspire you.

The thirty-sixth day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine implies the striving for attainment is amplified by a yearning for completion and fulfillment.

Helping younger people to gain a sense of self-worth will be a satisfying involvement for you.