February 3 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

Those of the February 3 Aquarius birth date can be very sensitive to any form of restriction.

This sensitivity applies not only in relation the laws and guide lines of society but also in respect of your mind, and in the way that you interpret and conceptualize reality.

You are one who will value and guard your own individuality fiercely and will ten to adopt your own methods and techniques in your approach and outlook to life.

You must be careful however, that you do not run away from responsibilities or from the more stable people around you with whom you share your environment. Your real freedom of mind and spirit can only be earned and appreciated by paying attention to where your feet are walking.

As a February 3 therefore, you need to cultivate a balance between the internal world of your own ideals and that of the outer world of your physical activities.

So long as the versatile February 3 Aquarius feels mentally occupied it doesn’t really matter whichever of their many talents they are utilizing.

Fortune tends to have a wonderful a way of smiling upon just about every area and aspect of your life, and you can enhance and encourage your good luck by including some pictures, photograph or paintings of sea life or sea environments within your home.

The February 3 Aquarius has a particular mystical side to their nature and this is an aspect of your character that you might like to develop and enhance.

Even thought you might only like to use it for just decorative purposes you might like to acquire a crystal ball or, any large roughly spherical piece of crystal will also work. Position the crystal in the northern area of your home or workplace and you should find yourself with a greater control over the routine aspects of your life.

If you practice some form of meditative exercise on a regular basis then a cross can be a very powerful force for good in your life.

If you want a symbol that will be of use to you in a number of situations then get yourself a triangle pendant as this will not only help balance you, but will also give you vitality and enthusiasm for life.

You are a person who can remain indoors for hours and be quite content since your home can be a great focal point for your many ideas, concepts and projects.

A large round table with a wax candle in the middle can serve as a wonderful mental and spiritual center for the February 3. The circular or oval shapes can influence and help you to consolidate and strengthen your numerous impulses, ideas and thoughts.

The February 3 mind is one that is forever active as you are continually thinking and contemplating upon new and interesting ways to live your life.

The February 3 will value any electronic appliances that contribute to making their life easier and as such, as much as you might like and want peace and quiet about you, you will still no doubt have an active cell phone near by.

In your outdoors scenario, the February 3 will favor raised areas such as balconies for example, this to allow them to look downward for a clear view the traffic, people and activities below.

In your garden or yard a circular table with an umbrella sun shield will be a comfortable arena for relaxation and, where you reside in the city you can also take great enjoyment at being seated at an outdoor café and indulging in long tall cool beverage.

In your garden flowers of yellow and orange will be of particular appeal to the February 2 birth date. Consider some yellow and orange marigolds for example.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 7.

The third day of the second month reduces to five, and the number five signifies that of uncertainty and change and a path that contains the lesson of courtesy.

We always have the choice on how we interact with others. Do we respond from a generosity of spirit or, do we keep our benevolence and that which we may have to offer to ourselves?

The thirty-fourth day of the year reduces to seven and the number seven adds the desire for a temporary cessation between ongoing projects.

Look to the gems of Malachite and Peridot as they are particularly compatible with your path.