February 28 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

The February 28 Pisces birth date relates to the image of stretching up toward God. This relationship points to an environment full of living things all reaching up toward the sky

As a February 28 you are a person of great faith. You hold faith in life, in yourself, and in the process of development. You are one who holds an optimistic belief that in the end, everything will work out just right.

You will experience that many people tend to come to you to seek you advice, support and comfort.

Cultivate your knowledge, your wisdom, and your rational understanding in order to balance your faith, and as result, you will discover that your creative powers increase.

As a February 28 you are by nature a genuinely kind and very considerate person who is eager to be of service to others.

You must remember though, although it may be hard to stand by and watch as people you care about make mistakes, it is important that you appreciate when people need to discover their own solutions to their problems.  So, hold back and wait until you are directly called upon.

In the meantime, work to develop and nurture yourself so that when the time comes there is more of you to give.

Prior to the discovery of Neptune in the middle eighteen hundreds it was planet Jupiter that ruled Pisces.

Jupiter represented the planet of priests and religious figures and, while fundamentally your search is for the sacred, you do have a hearty appreciation for the sensual aspects of life.

A mortar and pestle could be an object for you. Imagine you are a chemist trying to find the formula to bring out the best traits in yourself and others. As you grind the spices or other concoctions you may reflect on all striving human beings.

Animals are very important to you and will be a feature in your home and quite possibly in your office or work place.

Horses are a common favorite among people born on February 28.

Certain energies of this day of February 28 point toward a tendency to gamble and, to do so with an almost childlike optimism.

Beware, as this could prove disastrous at the racetrack, and consequently you should restrict your appreciation of horses to activities that don’t involve the risking money.

Take care with your feet; your feet are your connection to the earth and they need pampering. Soak them with scented lavender or rose petals in almond oil. Colorful socks; they will give your feet good vibes.

If you have a problem, imagine sitting on a cloud and looking down at the situation. You’ll find your “cloud vision” gives you a new perspective.

On the home front seek a house on a hill if at all possible or, on some other piece of raised ground. The higher the better, so an apartment on a top floor in a tall apartment building might work for you.

An unusual home for you would he a former windmill or lighthouse.

Whatever the shape of your house, help realize your true potential by using pale violet around the house and perhaps, decorate with some violet-painted glass ornaments.

A garden planted in a circular shape should appeal to your nature and, since February 28 goes into the depths to find sustenance, a well with a bucket that can draw water is a perfect object for your garden or out door environment.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 5

The twenty-eighth day of the second month reduces to three, and the number three represents duplication and repetition.

This day carries the path of striving for excellence through the competitions and struggles of everyday experience.

Practice makes perfect. Implicit in practice is an upward movement of skill, progressing from beginner to professional.

The fifty-ninth day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the influence of adaptation to the process of developing talent and aptitude into skill.

Do you have ten years of experience, or one year of experience repeated ten times? Remember when you learned to ride a bicycle or drive a car?

Attend the winter Olympics and marvel at the practiced magic of the figure skating pairs their leaps, their spins, and twirls.

Wear an orange and yellow scarf and gloves.