February 27 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

Like all Pisces people, those of the February 27 birth date tend to ebb and flow.

You can withdraw back within yourself in order to gather your forces, and then, after a period of apparent inaction, you can charge forward like a huge wave that hits the shore!

Others can be very surprised at your inner power because on the surface you seem like such a very docile and gentle person for most of the time.

What they don’t realized is that you have a reserve of strength, and a wealth of resources within you that emerges only after you have withdrawn to within yourself in order to make contact with them.

It is important for February 27 Pisces to develop the right feeling for those times when you must withdraw and pull into yourself, and how long you have to stay there, and when to emerge, and when you do with what degree of power and level of strength.

You may well enjoy dancing or engaging in martial arts as a method for refining your timing.

For those periods when you wish to retreat, a bed or a reclining couch with round pillows will provide a location where you can martial your forces.

Looking at house- plants such as African violets or Coleus will provide you with inspiration and help to keep your energies high.

As a February 27 you can have a tendency to drive yourself too hard. To relax from the pressure that you sometimes heap upon yourself consider installing a sauna in your home.

If not possible then a little lazing in the bath can suffice.

February 27 tends to be a deeply rational person who views anything that cannot be proven by scientific evidence with considerable suspicion.

For those born this day a gift along the lines of the most up-to-date electronic gadget or a state of the art computer will out rank that of expensive pieces of jewellery or designer outfits

Gadgets in general have tremendous appeal for you. Get them in black, as this is a color well suited to the value of this day.

A splash of color around the house, especially some pretty pastel shades, will have a positive effect on your temperament.

A fantastic gadget for you to have would be a good telescope. The pleasure you derive from gazing out at the stars and the planets will make the expense well worth it.

Have a variety of shoes around. You may learn some thing about human nature, as the saying “put yourself in my shoes” is quite literally true for you.

When you are in a forward outer-directed mood, you could use a large date book in which to keep appointments, phone numbers, and addresses. Alternatively, you may prefer such recording on your state of the art computer.

Sometimes time tends to escape you and organizing things is a way of combating that tendency.

In the outdoors scenario the February 27 Pisces has a gentle empathy with the environment. You will probably gain enjoyment from walking your pets or engaging in the planting of plants in the garden.

Water hyacinths and flowers from the orchid family appeal to you

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 4.

The twenty-seventh day of the second month reduces to two, and the number two signifies the life force in many ancient traditions.

The separation of one into two can look like opposition and antagonism. Two is the mirror in which one sees its self.

This path generates an enthusiasm for self-expression. We are each called to a special charge, a unique working out of a mission and potential that only we can fulfill so, respond to your calling.

The fifty-eighth day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the quality of planning, surveying, and gaining the lay of the land as we move ahead on the path of self-realization.

Surround yourself with beautiful clocks and mirrors and old-fashioned alarm clocks, which you windup to hear the bells chime.

Wulfenite and jasper are gems complementary to the February 27 Pisces.