February 26 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

This February 26 Pisces birth date reveals a person who is sensitive, generous, and charitable.

With your nature it is extremely difficult for you to turn away from the suffering caused by ignorance and inhumanity.

You are also a person with strong ambition and drive, so, how can you take your desire for success in the world and use any position you may achieve for the welfare and benefit of others?

The Integration of both your material and spiritual goals can be one of the major joys of your life.

Once you believe in something, you want many others to know about it.

You are magnetic and have the power to organize others but not by domination.

Your methodology to gain co-operation is that far subtler path of gentle persuasion, and you have that great ability to bring out the best qualities in those around you.

As a February 26 you have reserves of devotion for whatever path of life you choose and, you have the patience to pursue studies or projects that do not seem to have an immediate practical use.

The energy of this day is bound up with the energies of the sun.

If you live in a cold and rainy part of the country you might try to seek the sun to get the most happiness from life.

Wear a rich yellow whenever it is important for you to succeed. Opt for gold jewellery rather than silver or any other material

People born on February 26 are very politically minded and also cynically aware, even so, they can also be extremely innocent and childlike.

An ideal gift for someone born today would be a train set or some other traditional toy.

Handicraft skills are very well featured by the values of this day so you might like to try developing your skills by making your own jewellery and ornaments.

As a February 26 birth date it is likely that you will be interested in the culture of tribal groups and can possibly use this interest as an inspiration for your own creations

Have a room or corner at home that you can look upon as exclusively your own space.

Your decor should feature cool blues and lavenders with bright spots of color. Fiesta ware might be something you would enjoy. A cowl scarf or hooded terry cloth bathrobe will have resonance for your devotions.

Jewellery in a cross shape, whether the pieces are religious or not, will appeal to you.

You may be fond of big, long books; both literature and romances, so why not stock your personal corner with them and retreat there now and then to renew your energies.

In your outdoor environment, the February 26 should include water, a garden, and tree or trees.

The co-ruler of Pisces is Jupiter who rules over oak trees. The oak tree represents a sturdy counter position to February 26’s changeable and watery nature.

In your garden you might include some whimsical touches that reflect your sense of humor and playfulness such as comical small ornaments or miniature wood constructions.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 3.

The twenty-sixth day of the second month reduces to ten, and the number ten is the number of perfection and ultimate consequence.

The process that begun at the number one is complete. First cause has final effect.

Since we can never take freedom for granted, this path is one of the defending and the protecting of higher ideals.

Understand the importance of upholding standards. As in a nations national flag, the values do not lay in its fabric but in the symbolic values and ideals that it represents.

The fifty-seventh day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the influence of natural disclosure that adds insight.

Buddha said, “Be the light you desire in the world.” don’t curse the darkness instead light a candle.

Azurite, tanzanite, and tiger-eye will fire your zeal. Indigo and orange are colors to both soothe and warm you.