February 25 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter

The Astrological interpretation

Born this day as a February 25Pisces you will generally accept other people for who they are and will have no problem supporting their beliefs and philosophies.

In your own special and very unique way, you are a seeker of truth. You are aware that much in the world surrounding you is made up of illusionist glamour.

At an early stage in your life you might be attracted to intensely emotional and romantic experiences.

As your life unfolds however, you appreciate that there is something more to cherish than even the presence of a perfect partner.

February 25 has a powerful sensitivity as to what lies beneath the surface and you want to know what is really taking place in the world around you.

Encourage this aspect of your nature to flourish, as it will provide you with a more profound significance to your work, your relationships, and your other life interests.

Find your truth and stand on it as a source of your inner strength as the outer circumstances of life come and go. You will discover ways to incorporate your higher ideals in whatever life-path you follow

As a February 25 you have a very quick wit and love of all sorts of secrets, riddles, and puzzles.

This may indicate that an ideal present for you would be a complex three-dimensional jigsaw. Alternatively, for others born on February 25, they might find this interest leads them to explore and investigate the secrets and mysteries of unexplained phenomena.

February 25 really is a day for lovers, and the various values that can be calculated for this day with all pointing toward an extremely sensual energy.

The most important room in your life is the bedroom and to make the most of this center of activity, decorate in a mixture of deepest purple, black, and midnight blue.

A four-poster bed with drapes would be perfect. Failing that, make sure that your curtains are of a very heavy material, and that you have no overhead lighting in the room.

Decorate your home with light-filled colors. You may have a fondness for impressionist paintings.  A bowl of clear glass globes that catch the sunlight would be a perfect centerpiece for your dining room or coffee table.

Raw amethyst crystal is a mineral for you and if possible a star sapphire. Consider burning incense in your bedroom, Sandalwood and jasmine might evoke visionary dreams.

On the outdoor scenario, February 25 likes a garden and a place to view the night sky and the stars.

A telescope so you can see the stars will keep you confident in your path.

Plant red and violet flowers in your garden and consider creating a water lily pond.

At some point within your garden you might like to have a ship’s anchor since the February 25 needs a constant reminder that no matter how far you go in life you won’t loose your moorings.

Your special magic numbers are: 9 and 2.

The twenty-fifth day of the second month reduces to nine, and the number nine is the number that embodies the pure and the clear expression of the idea that began the cycle.

Discipline is central to the path to success. The image of a precision military style parade requires both that of individual effort plus the rehearsal of the group in order to hold the precise presentation together.

You have a flair for code of behavior but take care not to expect special privileges based on status.

The fifty-sixth day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the quality of reflection and comparison to what has gone before i.e. is this year’s parade superior to that of last year?

Attend an air show and watch skilled pilots perform aerial acrobatics – let your spirit soar as powerful jet aircraft pass through the sound barrier.

The steady rhythm of marching bands will inspire you.

Wearing the color blue will give you strength and Aquamarine and Rose quartz will strengthen your resolve.