February 24 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULER – Neptune

The Astrological Interpretation

This birth date of February 24 Pisces date indicates a compassionate and dedicated person who always has the welfare of others in mind.

The more you reach out in your desire to be of service then the more the world around you will support your efforts.

You do however need a structure through which your contributions of service may be made.

You must however have to know when enough is enough and, be able to identify when it is correct for you to withdraw in order to recuperate and restore your life energies.

February 24 has a particular love of music, painting, and all things of beauty that have been created by the human hand.

For you therefore, the easiest and most pleasant way to regenerate is through the media of the arts.

It is important that, in your choice of intimate and personal relationships, you choose someone who is mature.

What you do not need is to be in a relationship with someone who relies upon you for strength, rather than they be able to look within themselves to their own inner resources.

The February 24 Pisces has a strong imagination and is generally more comfortable living within the world of possibilities rather than, the world of actualities.

The two fish of the sign of Pisces exist both above and below the water, so therefore you must rehearse and perfect the demands of life on earth.

Education and training in a field where you can utilize your compassion is the answer.

February 24 Pisces is always scrupulously clean and organized within the home and, when taken to extremes, this can make your home appear sterile and unfriendly.

Satisfy your need for symmetry without sacrificing warmth by placing potted plants with heavy foliage in your space. The plants will encourage you to get in touch with your nurturing side thanks to the daily attention that they will need.

Your bathroom is a place where you can recharge your imagination. Create an underwater world, have a big tub, dim lights, and a candle with a green shade, seashells, saltwater bath essences, and taped music of sea sounds.

There is an excess of water in the overall value of this day of February 24 and while you need to balance the water, you also need to avoid too much fire as this would only serve to make you irritable.

The positioning of some dark green candles near each water source in your home will have a positive and grounding effect

In another part of your home, have the earth room, with a blond wood desk, a cluster of quartz or amethyst crystals, a ledger book or a computer program to keep track of finances, pens and pencils, and colorful file folders. This is where you work to have the privilege of retreating.

In you outdoors scenario, you can have all the elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

A garden with streamers tied to garden stakes that blow in the wind, a small brook or pool plus lighting. All the combined element for you outdoor entertaining .

Special flowers for February 24 are fountain plant, orchids, and water hyacinth.

Your special magic numbers are: 8 and 10

The twenty-fourth day of the second month reduces to eight and, the number eight signifies the reciprocal. In other words what we give out returns to us a hundredfold.

This path requires understanding the mutual benefit of our interaction and sharing with family, friends, and companions.

The fifty-fifth day of the year reduces to ten, and the number 10 adds the influence of the perfect embodiment of that which you strive for.

Donate something to charity or volunteer for the Humane Society. Attend a charity ball, wear a formal gown, and have a fabulous time for a cause you believe in.

Dance in a ballroom to a big band or orchestra. Wear a corsage or boutonniere. Sip sparkling punch in your fuchsia silk gown or tuxedo with a turquoise cummerbund.

Tanzanite, and Sodalite are gems that will enhance your energy.