February 23 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULER – Neptune

The Astrological Interpretation

The February 23 Pisces birthday indicates a somewhat adventurous and romantic individual. Having said that, those born this day need to take time out and to spend it alone.

The February 23 birth date is particularly associated with beauty. You are not the type of person who will just follow the popular trends, but one who will prefer to run with their own creative ideas in fashion, colors, fabrics and styles.

In the social arena, you desire to bring harmony within your surroundings and can become troubled when conflicts or upsets occur in your personal and professional relationships.

Your distress can become quite deep-rooted where you feel that the cause of any conflict or disharmony might be as result of your actions.

February 23 Pisces is one who appreciates structure and clarity even though at time you may experience difficulties to remain orderly, neat, and tidy.

While you are one who seeks clear-cut emotional communication you can also, at times, derive satisfaction and even enjoyment from the intensity of a conflict.

While this may appear somewhat conflictional, remember that you are a Pisces and represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

Some February 23 birthdays will fall on a critical degree and this position can result in very strong reactions to the highs and lows and the many varied experiences the arise in life.

When upset, you can have an astonishing temper, but rather than strike and lash out immediately, you will be more inclined to take your time and to react just at the right time.

The February 23 Pisces has considerable talents in respect of the visual arts, music and crafts and, while you may not know how you are going to create something, your talents will always come up with the answer.

On the home front you will inevitably be attracted to furniture and household ornaments that have angular lines and a pointed features.

You will derive enjoyment from items of luxury such as silk Persian carpets or brocade fabrics on some of your chairs.

Influences of the colors lavender or purple are decorative accents for your home. Images of water in the bathroom and kitchen can prove restful to you as can a few seashells or a fancy bottle of colored sand. All items in keeping with, and associates with your water sign.

While some people might not share your ornate tastes you will, by your nature, be confident enough to ignore them—if you like gold-colored bath taps why should anyone else pass comment!

An attractive item for your kitchen might be a large picture of a bright golden sun with its ray radiating outward from is center.

This should appeal to your love of big and bold decor while at the same time boost your positive “can do” attitude. You apply that “can do” approach to both your career and relationships.

February 23 Pisces can have a considerable passion and love for the garden. They can derive great enjoyment, not only from the creative efforts of landscaping and the positioning of flowers, rocks and water pieces incorporating aquatic plants, but above all from the results of those efforts.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 9.

The twenty-third day of the second month reduces to seven and, the number seven implies rest or temporary cessation.

This day implies the energy of convergence, as exampled by the two lanes of a road converging down to cross a one lane bridge.

This date is the path of the celestial air traffic controller for all the numerous influences, personalities, and challenges that converge at the crossroads in life.

This provides you with the capability to organize those diverse influences to minimize the problems, hang ups and set backs in life.

The fifty-fourth day of the year reduces to nine and, the number nine is one that contributes the quality of successful completion.

This is an aspect of your make-up that will provide confidence to your endeavors.

Green and blue colors can be lucky for you and Beryl and Sapphire will energize you