February 22 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Venus

The Astrological Interpretation

A particular factor inherent in the Pisces February 22 birthday is the urge to be a healer of circumstances.

You have a natural and inherent sense for both the good and the bad in life, the dark and the light and the high and the low. At times it feels that you are being pulled apart as these forces of opposition play out their scenes.

However, once you have managed to control these movements within yourself, then you will be free to help others who may be suffering from their own inner confusions.

Through the intense mystical side of your nature you can identify that there is an invisible world that exists in conjunction the visible one.

Many Pisces who were born this day of February 22 will seek for the hidden truths through the study of the Meta physical and the spiritual.

The February 22 birthday provides you with the gifts of keen insightful original thinking. By your natures you may be attracted to public service, the arts, or business.

Whatever work you may engage in you will always endeavor to instill high ideals into those around you.

Dress wise you will always look your best in green and, in particular dark olive green. Not only will you look terrific but you will also discover that your communications with other will prove more effectively.

There are times when you can be quite restrained about your real feelings, however try an attractive silver based ring on the little finger of your left hand; it will help you to open up in ways you normally find difficult or even impossible.

Pearls, and especially freshwater peals are generally of attraction to Pisces folk and in particular, those born on this date of February 22..

Wood carries powerful earth energy and can be useful to ground your fiery temper that can arise at times. Try a bracelet made from polished wood it can be very effective at dispelling excess anger.

On the home front, the February 22 likes a well decorated home with flower-patterned upholstery and, pale green is an excellent background color for you.

You are strongly attracted to rural settings and should make use of that preference wherever possible within your home environment.

Consider using scent in your home to freshen the air and to sweeten it. A room spray of eucalyptus will wake up your senses, and a spray of geranium essential oil will soothe you before sleep.

While large bodies of water may feel somewhat intimidating to the February 22, a pond or water setting in your garden can prove quite centralizing for you.

Consider planting out your garden in the shape of an S curve and add a variety of pathways with flagstone throughout the garden. This will make it a restful and relaxing place in which you can wander, relax and think.

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 8.

The twenty-second day of the second month reduces to six, and the number six infers love and beauty.

No matter how attractive a situation may be, where there is no movement there is no growth. A petrified forest of once-living trees presents an image of permanence, however, it also presents the image of inflexibility.

At times, things seem so beautiful as they are that we are reluctant to alter them. We cannot keep our children young forever for example. What defines the quality of survival? Is the petrified forest still a forest of trees? Or has it become something else?  In the united States there is a grove of many trees now identified as being one single entity through and interconnected underground root system. It forms a one off, if not, the largest plant feature in the world.

Fire forms natures cleansing action for forests, it provides the space and nutrients to promote new re-growth.

The fifty-third day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight contributes the ability to see and understand beauty in change itself.

Try growing a bonsai tree or plant a tree in the garden.