February 21 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULER – Neptune

The Astrological Interpretation

The February 21 Pisces birth date is predominantly related to the process whereby the tides of the seas wash away sand castles to leave a renewed clear surface for future creativity and activity.

You should not attach too much to the forms of life, as greater forces will eventually dissolve these.

Instead, look to eternal truths that are sure and everlasting. Once armed with these, you will find it far easier to visit the many oceans of the world and to build as many castles as you may wish.

Others will sense that you have an ability to look deeply through the superficialities of the world and, as result, will come to you for advice and counsel.

As a February 21 Pisces birth date you are particularly sensitive to pains of others and may need to take the time to occasionally to rest and relax away from the external pressures that you feel imposing upon your own feelings.

Use your inherent interest in the arts and music in order to help you to relax and, to give attention to your personal inner ocean that calls to you.

The February 21 is a well-disciplined individual, and a sense of order and proportion is very important to you.

An ideal office design for you would employ lots of black wood and have plenty of geometric abstract paintings.

Whether male or female you may be interested in military history, even though you are not at all violent by nature and find the consequences of war and conflict deeply disturbing.

February 21 tends to appreciate fine craftsmanship so good present for you could be a pair of antique swords.

You may sometimes be guilty of putting too much pressure upon yourself. You need to remember that you are not Atlas and the world will not fall apart or disintegrate if you take a day off from time to time.

The February 21 birth date is a questioning combination of ambition and tolerance.

At times you can attract the good things of life simply by your undercurrent of passion and feelings. An image for you is a treasure chest floating on an open sea.

It is likely that people born on February 21 will be attracted to Asian cultures. By wearing a jade amulet or pendant you can be in touch with the East while enhancing your fortune and, your understanding of the world around you.

You are likely to gain particular enjoyment from stringed instruments. In your home have a complete sound system that can be heard in all rooms.

Old sheet music covers are perfect to frame and display. You might consider buying a player piano and old rolls that give a flavor of age through original music.

A multicolored rag rug would be a perfect touch in front of a fireplace.

You need to be lazy every once in a while and lying down on a rag rug in front of a fireplace would be the perfect way for you to zone out.

February 21 enjoys the creation of beautiful outdoor spaces. In your flowerbeds have some pieces of petrified wood or driftwood from the beach. Wind chimes outdoors on a deck would be a pleasure.

Flowers for you include rose acacia and miniature pomegranate.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 5.

The twenty-first day of the second month reduces to five, and the number 5 relates to uncertainty, change, and adaptation.

This day carries with it a note of wariness. The utmost expression of a talent or quality is the result of the developing of judgment. It is the opposite of that old expression “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

The fifty-second day of the year reduces to seven and this is a number that adds the element of assured victory when you are able to apply good judgment and to courageously step out.

As example, a fortress can keep you in as well as others out so, learn the significance of the setting of boundaries and conditions and, of knowing what is best for you. The downside, is that of illogical fear and phobia.