February 20 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter, Venus

The Astrological Interpretation

The February 20 Pisces tends to be a very charitable person who is always willing to give of themselves.

The question is, where are your reserves? Even though you know that the universe provides, remember that you are a part of that universe and have to learn how to provide for yourself.

You must respect your limitations, and this requires that you learn how to create them.

Your difficulty can be in your ability to distinguish the differences between your individual feelings and the emotional pressures that arise from the world around you.

This is where times of solitude can play a vital role in your life so, take the time that you need to be alone and use it wisely.

You will prove of much more value and be available to others when you insist that you time for yourself.

February 20 projects as a placid and easygoing nature birth date. This is until it is challenged and then it can display a very firm and formidable power.

The trick will be to know when to let things drift and when to fight.

Depending on your birth time, your birthday may fall on the degree of the fixed star Fomalhaut.

This is one of the royal stars of the Persians that was called the “Watcher of the South”. At that time and location it inaugurated the winter solstice.

The February 20 birth date retains a sense of importance and it likes to be surrounded with objects that confirm it sense. Royal purple is a very good color for you.

One of the methods of calculating the value of this day results in a prime number that always indicates something special and unique.

If 20 February is your birthday then you are probably quite used to being looked upon by your friends and colleagues as something of an eccentric and, since this day also has a strong Cancer energy running through it, you may tend to take these views somewhat to heart and find them a little upsetting.

If you carry a piece of moss agate, you will find it easier to see that any such comments are generally intended in an affectionate way.

February 20 has a link with all shades of blue, but make sure that you have plenty of vibrant crimson and emerald green in your home to avoid quite literally getting the blues.

Decorate your home with chests of all sorts: jewellery, cedar, and bridal. The concept of having a treasure chest is that, while it is beautiful in itself, it contains things that are both of interest and tantalizing to you.

Always value the cautious aspect of your nature, but alternatively, try not to fade to much into the background.

Keep your personal power glowing with amethyst crystals and lavender bath salts. The ideal way to relax is a walk by the water, appreciating the industrious squirrels, and then soak in a hot tub.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 6

The twentieth day of the second month reduces to four, and the number four represents the number of measuring, recording, and tabulation.

This is the pathway to gaining a consciousness of how things in life are related and, how one activity or action can affect all other aspects around you.

Look at world trade and the aspects of international economics as example of how any success is dependent upon each participant’s willingness to contribute their part in affairs.

The fifty-first day of the year reduces to the number six, and the number six adds a yearning for balance and beauty to your outlook and life.

To understand the patterns existent within an area of apparent chaos and confusion take a visit to a local general public market.

Watch it filled with a wealth of traders, numerous colors, sights, sounds, smells and the hectic activities and sounds of all types of folks and their excited children.  Take in and sense the richness of these numerous inter-related activities.

To boost your emotions try some items comprising of Citrine or rose quartz.