February 2 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Mercury

Astrological Birthday Features

As a person born a February 2 Aquarius you have an inherent instinct to evaluate as to how people will behave and react under a given set of circumstances. You will know how to differentiate between events so that what might be of surprise to others is to you, a simple matter-of-fact.

Although the future may appear clear in respect of the lives of other people, your own future is not always so simple to define.

The February 2 birth date is a very idealistic person with a fairly strong tendency to be quite optimistic, or even possibly one who is somewhat cavalier about life and its events.

You will be wise to endeavor to gain knowledge and technical methodologies in order that you can concentrate your mind on more earth bound practical ways.

Once you have developed some concrete skills, you will discover that your intuition will have a more stable place to land and that your inner insecurities will gradually give way to factual creative power.

The fixed star Dorsum may be located on some February 2 birthdays and this position was considered by ancients to make one more liable to bites from venomous creatures! Your strong assertiveness means a challenge in life could be to tame your headstrong attitude.

Under the influence of Mercury, the February 2 might have a love for gadgets of communication; therefore as example, an in-home family walkie-talkie type set up would appeal to you.

You could possibly be something of a gambler who enjoys placing the odd bet and, you are also more likely than most others to take risks in your life.

An appropriate good luck charm for the February 2 might be a miniature roulette wheel, all red or red and gold in color. Any wheel shapes are good for you, thanks to the kabalistic associations of this day.

In order to keep your working environment operating smoothly you might like to consider a wheeled ornament on your desk.

While you can have a strong love of the home you are very likely to be far too active and busy to devote too much time on domestic matters. February 2 birthdays have a strong connection to physical activities and sports.

Be you a male or a female it’s likely that your home will have the atmosphere of a “bachelor pad.” Bold colors, rooms cluttered, and not necessarily tidy.

As a simple ritual to help influence and center your mind, keep a candle centerpiece in your dining area to light up at meal times.

The beauty of ruby and/or the diamond will tend to soften the rough edges of life. You prefer things at peace and at rest, rather than in constant motion and you also desire dependability.

If you have a house full of antique clocks, they will all chime together. Place an antique barometer on your bookshelf. Curl up on a comfy sofa that has lots of red, purple, and yellow pillows

On the outdoor scenario the February 2 will enjoy a garden featuring some unusual and unique flowers, in particular flowers of the color blue should appeal to you.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 6.

The second day of the second month reduces to four and the number four represents that of measurement and order.

The English word ruler, used to indicate a measuring device as well as a monarch, and it stems from royalty’s original role of ordering, measuring, and the passing out of rewards and punishments.

The number of this day also indicates the desire for balance and harmony. Your sense of order includes a striving for symmetry and serenity.

The thirty-third day of the year reduces to six and the number six adds that of appreciation of beauty and harmony.



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