February 19 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius/Pisces

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus/Neptune

Astrological Birthday Features

The February 19 birth date represents a path of conscious and joyous service to humanity and, as result life will reward you with excellent returns from the efforts you contribute.

We serve by who we are as much as by what we do so that the acts of even just caring and loving smile will give some support a broken heart. Nature can speak to you when you enter in silence and you tend to feel her voice more readily than you actually hear it.

The February 19 Aquarius is likely to have a very full and rich life and the aspects of this day point to someone who can move and mix easily within society and, quite possibly, to someone who is very likely to hold some status within their community.

This aspect of your character will stand to your advantage in life as you are the type of person who likes to be involved in social events. February 19 has very strong associations with charitable behavior.

Dress wise, when you go out consider black dress or a suit that incorporates some small touches of midnight blue. If you are a man then you will always look your most elegant in black and blue pinstripe attire.

Amethyst is a stone for February 19 and you might like to consider wearing it in jewellery piece. Alternatively, you might like to acquire a large piece of the raw crystal as part of your home accessories décor.

Other colors and materials that are conducive to the February 19 birth date are the colors of greens, purples, and shades of orange that will help to cheer your spirit and green garnet and emerald, materials to energize of your emotions.

The February 19 birth date sits on the cusp between that of Aries and Pisces so that through your mental or intellectual approach to life you have gained considerable knowledge in respect of human nature.

This birth date therefore adds the quality of deep emotional factors that provides a training ground for the right and appropriate use of feelings in respect of your relationships with others.

Some February 19 birthdays will slant toward the very beginning of Pisces, and the water nature of Pisces tends to add the factor of compassion to the Aquarius’s strong mental and conceptual abilities.

You are neither a mean, nor are you a self-seeking type of person and, you will probably want for little in life.

As a February 19 you have a very wide range of tastes and interests together with an outlook that is open to all and everything around you. While. these attributes are admirable however, and they tend to make you as a person as one who is somewhat unprejudiced by nature, they may also restrict your giving due attention to your own needs, wishes, and desires.

There are times therefore when you may need to clean out your feelings and relationships in order that you can get rid of attachments and interests that no longer fit in with your state of mind. Therefore, try to at times to generate some space within yourself in order that you can fill it with the new and beautiful.

Your working environment will bring you in contact with many other people. You would be wise therefore to establish some form of routine in order to shake off all the vibrations and emotional aspects that you attract each day.

To achieve this try some breathing exercises that will emphasize exhaling while at the same time brushing off your body with your hands. These actions can form a way of clearing your emotional space.

As a child you were probably the first in your class that learnt to swim, and you will maintain an affinity for water throughout your lifetime.

On the home front, since both water and air relate to your birth date then consider creating a home environment that includes lots of windows and light and, if at all possible, a water view in the manner of a fountain or other internal or external water scenario- a stream, pond, lake, pool etc.

If you would really like to make your garden a place that you can deeply enjoy, then the most important element in your garden is not so much specific plants but a water fountain placed in the center and surrounded by outdoor lighting that can be illuminated each evening. Flowers that can appeal to your eye include lavender, lemon verbena, and bellflower.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 5

The nineteenth day of the second month reduces to three and the number three is the number of creative expression.

The fiftieth day of the year reduces to five and the number five adds the awareness that natures blooms are short-lived.

Yesterday’s bud is today’s blossom and tomorrow’s faded bloom. What is the essence that continues to bloom again the following year? What is left of the rose when the petals fade? Stroll in a rose garden and inhale the intoxicating aroma of a thousand blooming roses of every color. Touch the softness of rose petals.