February 18 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

As a February 18 you are one who is always ready to discover something new and your desire in life is to duplicate the excitement of your mentally active intellectual adventures. This is above all, a mental quest since your first love in life centers upon the world of ideas.

You are by nature a person who would like to know everything; and therefore any activity that will help to enhance your personal knowledge base is one for you. As examples; spending time in a large public library, visiting a science fair or reading science fiction; the playing of complicated games, any activity that with broaden your mental capacity.

Joining the organization of “Mensa” could be an ideal involvement for you as it forms an environment in which you can share your ideas and concepts with other

The February 18 birth date provides the opportunity for both spiritual growth and creative development and, within these respects you have, inherent within you, a great knowledge and under standing about human nature and its inter-relationships.

As result of your natural understanding of other people’s emotional states, you are very capable at helping them, to open up and discus their concerns, problems and how they are feeling.

With your deep sense of compassion and your open willingness to be of help to others you have the inherent abilities, should you so desire, to take up a people-oriented vocation. In particular, the vocational fields of counseling and/or psychiatry meld perfectly with your inherent talents.

What is necessary for you is to research out a specific form of undertaking within which you can provide and perform your particular field of service.

As a February 18 you can quite quickly become bored with anything that is of an ordinary or usual nature, and therefore, your resultant restlessness can become a driving force for you to search out for new territories to explore.

Your travels are not so much for the sensual pleasure, but more so for the opportunity that they provide to allow you to delve internally in order that you can discover those treasures within you.

An objective within your life therefore, is to develop the necessary ability to be able to identify that, which will help you to select both your journeys and your relationships wisely.

There is both a purity and clarity of purpose within the February 18 birthday character and your concepts and ideas are both original and well suited for the arenas of literature, drama, and music.

You are one who can be an innovator in whatever field you may choose and there are unlimited possibilities in life that will fascinate you.

As a February 18 you will have a great love of life and will be able manage to combine your ability to listen and to understand others with a strong sense of fun. Dress wise, clothing with plenty of bright colors will appeal to you and in particular, all shades of green and yellow are in keeping with your particular character.

In your home environment, any electrical or electronic equipment that makes life’s chores easier will be of great appeal; as example items such as automatic drapes, lighting dimmers to regulate light, media equipment and automated windows are all types items that will appeal to your sense of invention.

Anything that is experimental and, in particular, any form of robotic device will certainly keep the February 18 intrigued and occupied.

In your décor mix the color of sky blue should be considered. Antique swords may figure in your decorating scheme, and a laurel type wreath effect in the kitchen might be an appropriate reminder of your accomplishments.

Since the February 18 is by nature continually in search of that which is new and original, then why not let your creativity for the unique and unusual be expressed within your home?

In your outdoors scenario, the February 18 would appreciate, and take enjoyment in, an interior courtyard garden that is on an elevated position such as a hillside for example. W

within the garden place some emphasize upon some plants and flowers that are of the color blue. Animals can well figure in your life and this interest might take the form of a bird menagerie, fish tank or hutch system for some other form of small pets.

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 4

The eighteenth day of the second month reduces to two and the number two infers that you have a passion for learning and experience.

The forty-ninth day, of the year reduces to four and this contributes the quality of order to your quest.



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