February 17 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

The February 17 Aquarius is certainly not a self-centered type of person and, in their overall outlook, they will generally never feel completely at ease or comfortable unless they can know that the folk and family who are centered around them are safe, secure and well looked after.

The personal self-interest of the February 17 Aquarius is closely linked with others and while your foremost consideration in life is your family, you will discover that you can hold a powerful attraction for causes, both political and social, that identify with the well-being and welfare of humanity in general.

As a February 17 you are likely to have a particular interest in nature and, as result you can have very real concern for the affairs and activities that are concerned with the current and future welfare and health of the environment of the planet we live on.

By nature the February 17 can comfortably mix and mingle with just about most people, and while they can easily accept people who come from all different types of backgrounds, they can also, very easily, find themselves strongly attracted to, and becoming involved with, people who share their own political and social concepts, ideas and beliefs.

When involved with people in such associations and activities, the February 17 can have the tendency to begin to feel much closer to such people, even to the point of some detriment to those of their own family and family background. This can even lead to a situation whereby they might even start to look upon such individuals as their real brothers, sisters and family members.

Those born on this day of February 17 do tend to be fairly intellectual individuals and it is very likely that they had parents who held some high expectations for their success.

You may find that on the one hand you are an extremely capable person but on the other, one who lacks the self-confidence to push yourself forward into the lime light. To help overcome any such shyness consider the use of a violet based bath oil or incense oil

As a February 17 you are likely to have a particular love of all things that are creative and, in particular, literature will no doubt rank among your favorites. You could be a real bookworm, but in keeping with a certain disorderly factor in your nature you might well leave your ever-expanding collection of books and other similar materials scattered about the home.

The moon has a very powerful influence upon the February 17 birth date and this influence can encourage your imagination and emotional sensitivity as well as to incite a certain degree of psychic ability.

There can be times when you can feel somewhat depressed, even to the point of being tearful, and these occasions can occur at such times as a full moon or, alternatively when the moon is positioned very low on the sky line.

On the home front, your home is a very important factor in your life and you may well desire to furnish it in keeping with your ecological beliefs. This might involve for example, items made from materials such as natural fibbers, recycled materials, and/or other energy-conscious concepts that will appeal to you.

Under the Venus influence over your sign of Aquarius you are likely to seek an aesthetic dimension to your ecological home. This could be represented through the use of the color pale blue within the home and furnishings or items designed in an octagon shape. Other decorative colors that relate well to the February 17 birth date are purples and greens.

The materials of Fluorite, Tourmaline, and Amethyst will ground you to the earth.

Add some lights around the home in the form of some unusual and unique designs or, in keeping with your ecological sensitivities, you might like to consider making some of your own from recyclable glassware or other such household items.

As a February 17 you enjoy projects that you can perform with your hands. The remodeling of an old property could appeal to you and, you are one who might even be prepared to build your own house, even to the point of the cutting of the trees to provide any wood necessary.

Take in the senses and the feelings of the woods, enjoy the aroma of the freshly cut wood, run your fingers across polished surfaces of handmade furniture.

In the outdoors scenario, the February 17 can find particular pleasure from trees and woodlands, and in addition from the more organized type of rural setting such as a vineyard.

You might well like to consider the growing of grape vines in your garden but if your climate is unsuitable then a garden arbor in which you can position a garden or swing type seat can be a great place for you to relax, to sit back and contemplate on how you can dream up and introduce some improvements into the world around you. Consider having a vegetable garden in order that you can grow and enjoy your own produce.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 3.

The seventeenth day of the second month reduces to ten, and the number ten signifies the perfection and the enjoyment at the end of a cycle.

This day provides an inborn satisfaction in a job well done. As example, you work hard; you derive enjoyment from the effort and gain an immense pleasure from the results of the completed task.

The forty-eighth day of the year reduces to three and the number three adds the influence of natural growth and development to your endeavors.

You enjoy a process for its own sake and you love to be busy tackling jobs that give you pleasure. Build something you that you will like to keep.



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