February 16 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus.

Astrological Birthday Features

The February 16 Aquarius can often find that they have particular artistic skills that have no practical traditional outlet and, this can mean that you will have to generate and develop your own particular ways of expressing yourself creatively.

You can find that your life will often challenge the more traditional and accepted methodologies and that it is up to you to establish your own ways of doing things.

A way for you to gain inspiration is from the study of the lives of other people who have had to make their own way through life. As example, these could be such people as notable explorers, philosophers, inventors and the trendsetters in the various avenues of human activity.

What is important for the February 16 is that you do not hold the expectation that everyone else will appreciate the fact that you are one who has to call your own shots and make your own decisions, and that you are unwilling and resistant to compromise.

What the February 16 can offer to others is their unqualified support for living exactly as they would wish. You are one who is idealistic and concerned about not only your own creativity but also that of your fellow man.

The challenge that the February 16 faces in life will be to be able to bend and sway to accommodate the changing circumstances; but to do so in such manner that you do not compromise your own personal principles and vision.

A possible descriptive image for those of the February 16 birth date is that of an ancient pottery dish filled with purple flowers because this form of traditional vessel holds within it something new and something living.

The Lion is undoubtedly your lucky animal so in the event you might be seeking or hoping for some financial luck then look to purchase some statues of Chinese lions, preferably made of stone, to position just before the front door of your home.

The February 16 can at times, be somewhat a little too demanding of both themselves and of others. This can particularly apply within your work environment and it is a condition that can often lead to a certain amount of interrelationship friction.

With the February 16, this condition will generally result from a sense of confusion and your being unable to see the “forest from the trees” when involved in any particular project. A possibly methodology to help you and enable or inspire you to be able to keep you eye concentrated on the larger picture is to keep a vase of fresh daisies on your work desk or at your workstation.

The February 16 will often have a particular interest in medieval history so; why not incorporate some of this imagery within your home. Some traditional tapestries in your bedroom that depict courtly romances might be one answer. You are likely to take particular enjoyment from the reading of historical novels and the study of anthropology

On the romantic front, you might like to consider including some dark green and gold touches within your bedroom, as result you will find that your love life can positively explode. These particular colors can provide the influence to put you into an extremely romantic frame of mind. Always add a variety of flowers and plants around your home environment.

Other such items that interrelate to the February 16 character are pottery vessels as they can form an art as ancient as humanity itself. The craft and shapes and purposes of such containers have been continuous throughout the millennia. The materials of Amethyst, Jasper, and Chrysocolla can provide a peaceful influence to those of the February 16 birth date.

In the more current technologies the February 16 might well hold an interest in the collection and ownership of various old classical radios, some you may take interest in repairing to working order and others you might just keep simply because their design is intrinsically beautiful or interesting to you.

By the nature of the February 16 birth date you will probably be attracted to all types and forms of communication equipment including short wave radio, cell-phones, computers and of course the Internet.

In the outdoors scenario, the February 16 is one who will probably have a strong liking for old trees that have been standing on a property for many years and, the actual planting and growing a tree, such as a Norfolk Island pine tree for example can be for you not only a measure of time but a daily pleasure as you watch it grow and mature over the years.

The February 16 may not be the best of gardeners as their interests will center more upon the more wider open spaces of woods, fields and public gardens and parks. Where you do give interest to your garden then consider including some rock alyssum and rose daphne as these can be flowers that can appeal to you nature.

Consider placing some violets in a pottery vase within your kitchen window, as the placing of flowers in a pottery jar is a timeless gesture. A gift of flowers means love and cheers the spirit.

Your special magic numbers are: 9 and 2

The sixteenth day of the second month reduces to nine and the number nine denotes the end of a cycle.

The message of this day is the meaning that underlies forms that are constantly changing. What lies beneath and behind the changing outer forms is an eternal, changeless reality. Crocuses in the spring snow are beautiful images of the cycle of emergence.

The forty-seventh day of the year reduces to two and this adds the quality of reflection.



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