February 15 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Gemini

Astrological Birthday Features

We live in an age of ever-expanding technical wonders and, an age in which our ability to use communication tools makes a large difference in our level of success within this world.

The February 15 Aquarius has the innate ability to be an extremely effective communicator and, this is true not only in respect of the expression of your own ideas, but also in your ability to link together the thoughts and opinions of other people for the benefit of greater collective harmony.

As a February 15 you have by nature a very natural friendly disposition towards others and, in yourself you are one who will genuinely like people. You will a hold high regard and respect for your own individual liberty and will give strong support to other folks need to be themselves.

You have no difficulties in the area of meeting and mix and mingling with others in any social arena in order to become a channel to unite people for purposes of mutual benefit

As a February 15 Aquarius you tend to have many friends drawn from a diverse range of social groups and interests, and you experience a great deal of pleasure in the knowledge that your skills of communication are of real benefit to others.

The computer and/or Internet will appeal to that communication aspect of your nature and will form a medium to help you to maintain connection with your family, friends and associates.

Consider maintaining a separate room or particular area for such activities and, since the February 15 has a particularly sensitive nervous system if might prove beneficial to keep a small round object, perhaps even a ball, on top of any electronic equipment you may use. This can help you to center your mind and heart.

While it is said,  “that clothes do not make’th the man” the February 15 may well strongly disagree with such opinion because in your case your clothing and attire is the most powerful expression of your own personality.

There is every possibility that as a February 15 birth date you might well be working in the field of design or, in some other field that has strong connections to image and personal presentation. Be reassured, that if you yourself believe that something looks good, then go and run with it, irrespective of how outrageous and/or challenging it may appear.

The February 15 has a great theatrical flair, a very dry wit and a tendency to act the part; at times these qualities can overshadow your largely philanthropic nature. The image of the Aquarius symbol – the water bearer, is a good one for you.

As a person, there are times when feel that you do not have too much in common with other folk. To offset this feeling, remember that the blue sky is centered over the whole of humanity, so look to the color of sapphire blue as being one suitable color for you.

In your home environment, look to have as bright any airy outlook as you can and, an environment that encourages the sensations of security, protectiveness and comfort. There is every probability that up to date electrical and electronic media equipment will find a place in your home together with the latest in cell phone gadgetry.

Consider keeping a large vase or wine jug about your home and not only for everyday use since the influence of a pitcher of water will help to keep your mind and feelings synchronized.

You might even like to consider installing some form of water fountain within or without the home in order that the sound of the tumbling water can provide you with a very soothing effect. It is believed that the materials of Azurite, Sodalite, and lapis can have a strong empowering effect for the February 15.

On the outdoors scenario, the February 15 will enjoy a wooded rural environment, trees, bushes, old cottages and water mills etc.

In the garden a path of flagstones with perhaps an old-fashioned wooden pump in the middle that will bring to mind times of the past when country folk would collected and meet around the village pump not only to collect water, but for conversation, communication and information sharing.

Your special magic numbers are: 8 and 10

The fifteenth day of the second month reduces to eight and the number eight represents that of rhythm and flow.

The symbol for infinity looks like the number eight laying on its side, and it effectively illustrates the continual ongoing rhythm of movement that exists throughout eternity.

Take a review of the implications of the patterns and cycles in your own life and then ask yourself, what are the repeating patterns that you would like to change?  Then, take charge and work to change the next outcome. If you repeatedly plant daffodils then you will never get tulips.

The forty-sixth day of the year reduces to ten and the number ten adds the element of dominion, allowing you to pause at a still point between the tides.