February 14 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

By nature, the February 14 Aquarius is a very loyal and steadfast person whose personal friendships tend to last for many years. Problems can arise however, where a partner requires and needs a far deeper sense of emotional commitment than the February 14 is either willing to provide, or is able to offer.

As example, the more your partners wants to draw you closer to them, then the more space you require in order to freely express yourself. When you are granted such space and freedom however, then you will do all and everything possible in order to fulfill and satisfy your partnerís needs.

By nature, the February 14 will resist and rebel where you might at all feel possessed or, where excessive expectations are forced upon you. It is important therefore, that you look to, and enter into, a relationship with the type of partner who is of an independent nature both in an emotional and mental sense.

The February 14 is one who needs the freedom to change their moods or, even not to express their feelings. The February 15 therefore will find no conflict in the loving of someone with whom they might hold disagreement politically.

In fact, those of the February 14 birth date are very likely to gain considerable enjoyment from such differences between themselves and their partner. They should take caution however, to make sure that their partner feels the same way as they do.

The sign of Aquarius rules over love and compassion for all of mankind rather than just exclusively that of romantic love. As result, the February 14 desires principally to find the connections between that of personal love and that of communal well-being. An image for the February 14 is that of a red heart with ribbons encircling around a globe.

The day known as St. Valentineís Day falls within the realm of Aquarius, and historically, St.Valentine was quite a tragic figure in that he ultimately died a martyrís death. This does not mean that those of the February 14 birth date should anticipate or fear such tragedy or high drama in respect of themselves, but only to understand that folk of this birthday do tend to experience some fairly intense lives.

You might like to consider that in order to ensure that you have enough energy to maintain the relentless active lifestyle of this day, you should grow sunflowers in a window box. Not only will these beautiful and impressive flowers appeal to your personal taste, they will also help you to identify and see the attraction of a certain degree of simplicity in your life.

Those of the February 14 birth date can be drawn too and attracted by light. Examples could be photographic light, stage lights, the light of knowledge, or the light of invention. You have a personality will always discover numerous and various ways in which to shine and stand out.

In your home environment, look to have as many windows as you can in order that you can watch the light and changing weather conditions.

Should you live in a city environment, then a high-rise apartment building would be fascinating location for you to view and observe the weather and its changing patterns.

For the February 14, the home should emanate the sensation of a protective, secure and comfortable cocoon. A place in which to relax, to cuddle up perhaps in a feather bed and to enjoy soothing and gentle melodies.

As result of your inherent attraction to light, there is the possibility that the collection of various types of lamps or lighting could appeal to you. Of particular interest might be lights or lamps that feature colored emissions.

The colors of greens and blues tend to appeal to the February 14 as those colors do tend to provide a somewhat calming cum strengthening influence. Turquoise is a material that will tend to strengthen your resolve

In your outdoors scenario, interesting gadgetry and water pieces can appeal to those of the February 14 birth date. Designing your own water systems to deliver given water feeds to your plants for example, a hydroponics garden set up where plants are grown principally in water; or a miniature weather station.

Attractive outdoor lighting is something that will probably of particular interest to the February 14. Decorative but practical lighting within an outdoor garden structure, a small pavilion or overhang tree area.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 9

The fourteenth day of the second month reduces to seven, and the number seven is the number of victory.

There are times when we look upon events and happening in life as handicaps when they are in effect events that will form the means through which we can attain additional strength, knowledge and understanding; factors that contribute toward our own personal wonderful uniqueness.

The forty-fifth day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine denotes attainment of what you set out to do.

As example; consider the struggle for life of the emerging butterfly. Study the first adventurous flight of a baby bird from its nest and listen to the hungry chirping of its nest mates.