February 12 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus, Saturn

Astrological Birthday Features

As with most Aquarians, you are by nature a very individualistic personality.

With your February 12 Aquarius birth date however this aspect of your make-up tends to extend one-step further and you will need to devote any personal self- development achievements toward causes and concepts that are larger than yourself. In order for you to achieve this, you will need to cultivate and add the quality of strong self-discipline to your list of achievements.

By your February 12 Aquarius nature you are not the type of individual who can easily take orders or advice from others and you have that tendency to be extremely strong willed, determined and somewhat stubborn whenever anyone attempts to influence and change your nature.

You must accept therefore, that you will not however be able to fully realize your desires, hopes, dreams and wishes unless and until you can take the responsibility to direct your potential toward achieving some real skills that will enable you to be of benefit, not only just for yourself, but also for the benefit of others. Once this has been achieved then you can utilize and combine your high aspirations and ideals with that of your creative potential.

As a February 12 you are a very strong-minded person and you can utilize this gift for compassionate activities or, alternatively for destructive purposes.

There are times when your passion and sense for injustice in relation to some matters can lead you to be extremely intolerant of others and their views. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and all Aquarians share the need to be able to adjust their somewhat unique nature with a sense of flexibility.

The February 12 birth date is a day of great force and colossal physical energy, and that tremendous energy can be misused and badly applied if not harnessed and controlled.

Physical exercise is an important factor for the February 12, both for your physical and your spiritual well being. Without physical exercise activity you may find yourself lacking in air energy. To generate such energy consider such activities as regular use of an exercise bike, lifting weights or, use a rowing machine. Any such vigorous activity can stimulate the air aspect of your personality.

While as a February 12 you will have all the necessary energy and motivation to engage in a physically intimate relationship, there are times when you will need a little more subtlety in order to maintain an on-going relationship.

Prior to a romantic evening, consider spicing up your senses by pouring some essence of witch hazel into your bathwater, and there is every chance that you will find that you are irresistible

Dress wise consider wearing the colors red-orange, as they will tend to make a very striking impression.

On the home front, rich, woven fabric and tapestries should form part of your décor. Surround yourself with interesting electrical and electronic equipment. Gadgets that solve a problem creatively and stylishly are items compatible to your nature, as example, adjustable magnets on body pressure points or any tender spot might prove ideal for any aches and pains.

In the out door scenario, the February 12 enjoys the wilderness so it could be beneficial if possible to keep some uncultivated land around you. You are one who also likes high places and being up high gives allows you a bird’s-eye view of your both your own and of humanities’ struggles

In your garden you may well take joy in plants that are grown in a green house and will certainly enjoy visits to botanical gardens where the bulk of the plants are housed under glass. An ornamental wheelbarrow filled with flowers would be a suitable addition to your own outdoor environment.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 7

The twelfth day of the second month reduces to five and, the number five is the number of continuous change and motion.

This day infers a never-ending quest to convert your ideals into excellences. This path however can also carry the danger of an immature craving for attention.

The forty-third day of the year reduces to seven and the number seven adds a desire for a peaceful retreat from your daily experience of constant movement.

Calcite and Wulfenite are gemstones that can influence your stability and items in the metals of steel and tin can help to weld your strength.